Tuesday 25 February 2014

Wing commander was only visiting.

Would you like to live in a area where the chickens visit each other well we do,  I must admit most places I have lived the cats all visit each other mainly to pinch food and it's not all that social, mostly my cats want their own area and no intruders, cats are a bit nasty if you look like you are trying to take over and you might get more food than them.
But chickens that walk up the driveway and into the back yard and stay for a overnight or two, that hasn't happened before, I just hope she hasn't gone over the wrong back fence as the other side has two pit bulls, they are very old but if a chicken wondered in I know what would happen.
I think this little bird house has just about had it, I have repaired it so many times but I think it's past it now.
Drummy is happy to potter around in her garden, she was happy to see her guest but there were problems about overstaying her welcome, they had a bit of a fight.

Crazy Brommy flowers.

I just realised everything flowering in my garden is red or pink at the moment.
I'm not sure if Drumstick or Wing Commander did this but it must have been tasty.

Next door is almost finished all cleaned up and locked up, I do hope they put in a garden.
Maybe new neighbours soon.
The mobile toilet is still there so a bit more to go.

Thursday 20 February 2014

Drumstick invites in Wing Commander

 This is Drumc
 This is Drumstick new friend Wing Commander, is the word our we are the home for lost chickens.
 We were having a cuppa in the back yard when a chicken followed Drumstick in from the driveway the beer fairy went a strange colour and said am I seeing double there are two of them they are very alike, could be sisters, she is still here tonight when I closed the gate so she looks like she is moving in.
 Next door is now at lock up stage they have a front door windows and a garage door and a lot of mess in the front yard.

 This  is Wing commander.
and this is Drumstick, I think she is a bit fatter than the Wing.

Crazy light after the downpour.

 This was our weather all afternoon just after I put the washing out sort of overcast and light rain then the heavens opened and down it came but no thunder or lighting just rain we normally get all the bangs and whistlers with it in a summer storm so it's a bit unusual.
The beer fairy popped over to woolworths to get a few things we needed and he said there was a really great rainbow but I missed it but everything was cloaked in a rather wonderful light that I tried to capture on my camera.

 The washing had a final rinse some of it was a little bit protected under the tree but most of it is dripping wet.

There are no real shadows just a glow and dark and light blend in together.
 My kitchen leaked and so did the back room so a bit of mess to clean up.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Welcome home from my furry friends and one feathered one.

 Back home again, Oh so you are back I guess I will get off you computer chair and sleep on this one.
 Oh hi I would get up but I'm just so tired.
 Oh hi mum I missed you well not quite more like I will get fed more often now, not that the beer fairy doesn't feed me but you get up earlier in the morning so feeding now starts early.
 But Drumstick gives me a few chicken kisses, we think she is after salt she comes and pecks your legs if you wear shorts and it's a hot day.

 This is such a wonderful colour, it's the first time it has flowered, its still only a small tree I got a piece last summer from the tree across the road, they took out the tree not sure why but it might have been sick but the lady who was living there gave me a piece before she moved away and it's done well over here.
I got a few cuttings from my sons place of a white one but so far none have worked so they are bit harder to grow from cuttings than I believed.

 Drop anything on the floor and the Drumstick cleans up, the beer fairy said while i was away he didn't have to sweep the kitchen the chicken did it all well that was his excuse.
 This is the new spot for laying eggs, Drumstick has moved out of her old area and the dummy egg is gone [It's a old egg to mark her place ] so we are wondering where it's gone a crow,  rat or snake something has carried it off and she has moved out of there so something has upset her.
 I cut the bougenvilla [bogie for short and because I  can't spell it 's name] back the other day and she claimed this area.
 More flowers opened today.
 Kidney are you going to sweep up the leaves.
 My fir trees produced seeds this is a first.
 The westeria is growing over my structure.
 It won't take long to cover it

 This is Drumstick old area.
 And check out the potatoes.