Monday, 28 March 2016

Back in the garden.

Drummy has been off her food and not talking to us, she is moulting and it must knock them around we were worried that she was dying as we have no idea how old she is, she stopped laying eggs about 12 months ago so she is not young but has bounced back and is almost normal now.
She is into fruit now and,  tucking in to her favourite watermellon drink in the right container.

A pumpkin from last year has taken root.

I've got 6 of these but when are they ripe, they don't change.

This is moth vine very pretty when in flower but it just takes over so I will have to pull it all out I often do, but it keeps coming back.

Kidney is playing tiger she has tried to catch a lizard but he was just to fast for her.
Looking for more.
I would be frightened of those yellow eyes.

Derricks cage looking a bit lonely.

Do you think the juice has fermented she looks a bit merry, thats another thing her comb is looking lighter.
Night has fallen so inside for me.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Thursday, 24 March 2016

The finished bathroom.

The tiling is finished, now just a bit of painting and sanding the floor but not in a hurry I could do with no dirt and dust for a few days.
All lovely and clean now.

A blinp or airship has been hanging around the last two days.
And a few painted flowers, they had lost all their colour so I painted them red and pink to improve them.  
These were inside but all plants die in these baskets so now they have fake flowers.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The tilers have arrived.

 These are my tilers  hard at work .
They did stop and give a smile or two.

 All tiles are up except the top two rows the the very top one is black, tomorrow they will finish and grout but I'm very happy with effect so far.

 More pictures when it's all done .

 This is the stage of the club where we go to bingo now only once every two weeks.

 They even have indoor waterfalls.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

My week so far

 The new style in tiling is big not what I wanted and my bathroom is not very big so I Would like to go small, in the subway style of tiling, these I liked but too dark.

 This is what we settled on with a border of the black ones, the tiler comes next week.

 What do you think I'm pretty happy with it.
 Some very large pictures that Boo Peep turned up with one day they are huge, if I extend the sand bar on to the other picture they look like they belong together I rather like them in my hallway, new owners up his way were throwing them out so he got them for me to paint on but as I said they are much to big, as you can see they were painted by CK maybe Clark Kent so they are Superman paintings.
 Night is falling.

 Leeroy is asleep
 Interesting sky tonight

 I like the pink clouds.
The next day we pulled out the last wall, it backs on to the fireplace not so neat. but then it was built nearly 100 years ago.
very dusty, cleaned it as best I could and put up the last of the blueboard.
Maybe a mouse hole.
All finished now.

Some people liked the colour set up with the blue board maybe I should have gone with blue tiles but no to late now and I do like the grey..