Tuesday 27 August 2013

Two cats in a window and the sad little house next door

Don' t they look sweet sitting there so peacefully with the sun behind them amazing how well they have got on this week with Angus visiting, I expected a lot of fighting but they have all been good and Angus tolerates all beings as long as they don't between him and his food well any food really.

See that plate on the stand in the right hand side of the picture well that is no more, it got in Who's way so it came to a smashing end, I never liked it much so I'm not worried .
This is what they are checking out the little house next door has been empty now for about 5 or 6 weeks, we think maybe a few mice were hanging around, we had one inside but the cats got him now they are looking for brothers and sisters. The guy who owns this house is going to tear it down and rebuild he has owned it for a long time and always rented it out but never really looked after it, the window was removed the other day so you can see inside, there is water damage from a leak in the roof , the people who were living in here had 4 young children and nobody was very careful or clean.
The air conditioner was in the hole in the wall the tenants just took it with them and replaced the hole with cardboard, they were a bit rough and ready and very noisy it is so peaceful since they have gone.  
Angus has found a sunny spot to spend so time.
AAnd all the jasmine is now flowering so everything smells lovely.

The guy who owns the house trimmed up our tree the other day any thing that hangs over the fence he cuts off but I didn't thing he would bother when he is going to rebuild but I was wrong.
More sun in the garden now.

This is the front of our little lonely house it does look very sad.

Thursday 22 August 2013

Angus is visiting for a whole week the cats are not impressed.

 Angus is visiting for a week, his master and mistress [or mum and dad] are off to visit NZ going to see the family on the other side of the ditch.
This little girl was missing and I found her in the laundry tub I think she is hiding from Angus, he is not mean to them but he does like to get real close and lick if he can get one in.
 First things first he always has to check out the garden see if anything is changed, isn't that a great tail, he is easy to understand tail up very happy, tail down very sad or in trouble.
 Leeroy is not moving even after a big kiss from Angus.
He is moving to quick all I got was a tail.
 Better but I'm not looking at the camera too busy smelling.

Well I gave up, time for coffee, Angus is tired now so he is now happy to have his photo taken.
 We are making a little japanese garden here well trying anyway.
 May this will never be a strawberry garden, maybe a cactus garden.

Well that's it, I'm going in for lunch now I'm having italian and Angus is having a pigs ear one of his favourite things, see you later.

Sunday 18 August 2013

Fresh sparkling water

When you go to the toilet at night time, Who often rushes in and watches the flush but sometimes she stays longer so I wondered what she was doing next picture explains everything.
Even the top is off so they can drink out of the tank if thirsty and they have run out of water but this one is not fussy, she does drink out of the toilet, I don't know how she does it without falling in, she will also sit in the bath if the tap is not turned off completely and drink from the drips.

Friday 16 August 2013

A week playing in the garden in the sunshine

We had wonderful weather, it's the tail end of winter but it's time for spring according to the weather around here, lovely sunny days, nights are still cool but who cares I've lots of blankets to keep me warm.
The garden a bit confused but it's bearing up under the strain, starting to flower and breaking into leaf all over the place so I spent last week at home pottering around in my garden.

 The little fairies maybe need a paint job they have lost a bit of colour and also need a scrub up.

 Kidney has been asleep in this spot for some time but she will soon move, the sun is moving away slowly and it's turning cool.
The herbs are doing well some have doubled in size and nothing has died for me thats pretty good.
 Flowers are coming our everywhere the smell from the jasmine is wonderful.

 The bamboo grows a inch or so overnight, every year I cut it down so I have bamboo for stakes and other things.

This is my new strawberry patch, I grown them before you don't get a lot and they are nothing like the massive ones you buy in woolworths but they taste so much better so I looking forward to fresh strawberries I can munch on when I peg out the washing.
Must get some plants soon.

 The beetroot and silverbeet are still alive too.
 And the pile is smaller.

 The mulberry trees and all leafing up.

Look snowdrops

Lavender flowers

Even tomato flowers

And sugar cane

These are mulberry flowers, they happen first are visited by bees, you hear them buzzing all day up in the top of the trees and in a couple of months you get your mulberries now they taste good straight off the trees.

 It's getting cold so time to go inside good bye for now.