Saturday, 29 March 2014

Shoes and back in the garden.

This room was once painted red it's now grey but I still like my red.
My everyday shoes are here.
My wet ones here, we had a lot of rain lately, my good shoes are hidden away and never see the light of day.
Water Water everywhere.
This washing will never be dry.
The ferns like the big wet.
Not so the spiders, there is a spider inside this leaf in the middle of the walkway with webs attached on both sides, it's his little waterproof house.
Some herbs have died and some thrived.

This creeping charlie is creeping everywhere.
Most thing are doing well

Even pumpkins are shooting
And the vegs I planted the other day are doing well, the mesh is to keep drumstick from digging them out.

There is a fence in here somewhere, but while things grow over it I don't have to paint it.

Next door is close to being finished, the porta loo is gone and no activity for a while, so should get neighbours soon.
The corner house has more or less gone and these two brick towers have been built, this is a slow process so far, I think maybe a owner builder.
And my bush orchiards are flowering.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A week alone doing things.

Seeing the Beer Fairy is away visiting his family for a week, I have the house to myself this week so why not do odd jobs, with no one to talk to even the cats are outside all day after they disgraced themselves last week and it kind of humid and rainy so spending time in the garden or going out is just wet and annoying at the moment.

So I am painting this thing, it's a Map cupboard I think, I had it for many years and it came from a transport yard where the beer fairy once worked I've always liked it but it is very heavy to look at and to move.  

Changed the curtains in the lounge room. The ones that were there are outside getting their final rinse in the rain, they had a few so I will most likely have to wash them again..;;;;;;;;

I had a go at fixing the paint work in this corner I had filled in a crack and had a go at cleaning the wall some time back for some reason the fill was not dry and when I spray it with bleach it reacted with the filler and I ended up spreading a dirty mark all over this corner I had trouble getting the colour right so I now had more blue than I wanted but not enough to do the whole room, isn't  that always the way.

Well here is my little cupboard finished.


And I put some decoration on the bed just to make it different.
 This is my bathroom roof, it's awful.
This is special bathroom paint that resists mould and doesn't peel but it was painted a while back and badly needs to be done again but it was painted after the loungeroom and that paint was el cheepo paint at half the price and there is a fireplace in there so it does discolour anyway we will see how I go this involved getting up on a ladder not one of my favourite things.
But this bathroom ceiling who knows if I will get this done.
Yesterday I had a friend stay and we sat and chatted most of the day,  a day of girl talk is always relaxing and great way to spend the time, the weather is still damp so maybe not the best time for painting a big area.

Friday, 21 March 2014

A Japan black floor and I found the poo.

 This is the floor finish in my son's place, It's japan black and now the skirting boards are now attached but  I was there the day before he did that.
We had a bit of disaster afternoon, he hit the light connection and the globe fell out but didn't break but the connection did so as soon as it was dark we had to go home as it was impossible to see and he cut the plaster board the wrong way and had to redo it, that was in the bath room he is just starting on that.

 But that all I got on the renovations and it be a while before they are back to finish off, but most of the big jobs are finished now, inside anyway.
 This is the inside of a dolls house I made my daughter many years ago it's in the front room where Ian [bo beep] stayed for a few days before he went to NZ now he didn't shut his door all the time and guess what one of the cats did a poo on that little green table now I have spent two days moving furniture and cleaning trying to find the smelly thing.
I should have taken a picture but I'm sure you seen one before.
 The bathroom
 The kitchen after a clean
 The lounge room

 The bedroom
The children's bedroom