Monday 20 August 2018

OLD stuff and Alice in Wonderland

 We went to visit the Cobb and co building but there was so much more to see it was really worth the visit.
Many wind mills outside

Big notice don't get on the bikes as if you would oh I guess some people stick their little children on for a picture.
A old spinning wheel or maybe a new one they have a complete workshop here.
Wagon wheels being made the old way.

A complete saddlery and a list on the wall how much it cost to set one up I was surprised that it was so expensive at the time in the 1800's sorry I forgot how much it was
The Alice in Wonderland rooms are most likely for kids but there weren't any so we had fun playing with them.
Things that twirled and moved.

Finding places in the world.
Buttons to press that made noises and other things move.
Pies that would be impossible to eat at The Mad Hatter Party.

All the horse shoes and a list of what they are used for.

I make friends with a large concrete lizard.
Not hard to do he liked everyone.
A guy my son worked with made this, it's "Davey Jones locker."
Hand made slate tiles for the roof.
And a dress carved out of wood.

Thursday 16 August 2018

Toowomba gardens

We went on a trip to Toowomba to the Japanese gardens.
The lake was very peaceful but the lack of streams and waterfalls explains this.

We had the place mainly to ourselves.

Lots of ducks and birds around.

They were installing new pumps so no water here.
Bare trees and no water most of Australia looks like this at the moment.

These two keep turning up .

very peaceful morning wondering around the gardens.

Saturday 11 August 2018

Pool and animals.

I have  been missing for a bit, visiting my son and daughter in law in QLD not the right time to go can't swim in the pool a bit cold still  but the ducks do, these shots are a bit misty but if you look closely you can see them.

They don't stay long just a fly in  quick swim and off they go.
This is the new member to the family his name is matey, he says Hello a lot and What's the matter mate

He also coughs a lot and dances maybe he was owned by a old smoker who likes to dance, he is a rescue bird that wondered into a house one day out of the blue. 

The first day I was there we went to the farm or produce store just down the road to get supplies for the animals they now have 4 chooks too along with the goat so they are now a little farm.
I think they sould get pigs too but they are not so keen.

The rooster was all puffed out and strutting around.
Maybe these were his babies and he was very proud.