Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My mini holiday part 2

Pretty flowers growing wild on the top of the cliff.
This is looking very nasty but it moved on quickly and we had a hour of sunshine or two to wonder around.
My daughter would like this growing in her garden, I think it's a herb but not sure what it is can you tell me.

I just liked these walls around the tennis courts even if they are falling down.
and the grass roller, haven't seen one of these for a long time.

Wonderful views still in mist but clearer than before.

A small pocket of sunshine.

It comes and goes.

This was a tiny cave behind the hotel
Not far from a staff only door, you would have to do some ducking and weaving to get in the door.

A bit more sunshine.

This is strange rock that the back of the hotel is built on.

Great views and the clouds are ever changing so couldn't resist a few more pictures.

A huge tree in the grounds, I remember more but maybe they were just too old and died or were cut down.

These two doors made me laugh do they let the smoke out of one and the people out of the other they were just around the corner from each other.
Lovely windows.

Lots of big chairs everywhere I go they must be in right now, this one was a beauty.
The general store across the road and railway tracks.

No big decisions here.

Monday, 23 February 2015

my mini holiday part 1


I've had a couple of days off, my daughter and I went up to the mountains this was my birthday present for my last birthday, we went to Medlow Bath to The Hydro Majestic hotel we stayed the night and returned the next day, it's hot and humid in Sydney at the moment, cooler up in the Blue Mountains
We went up by train this is the starting point at Parramatta Station all so clean so much cleaner than I remember it last time I was here.
Arrived at Medlow Bath 2 hours later I think faster than driving.

There was mist everywhere and the station is a lot smaller but it is cooler.
my daughter giving the victory sign well we did arrive on time and in one piece.
Interesting mural I just had to stand in front of it and spoil the picture.
This is the hotel it's just reopened after a bit of a upgrade not gone so far as the fence yet.
But you must admit
it is different to look at.
This is what they say is the garden view, that's the highway out the front and a bit further over the train track not my Idea of a garden view, we were surposed to have a room overlooking the Megalong valley but there was a bit of a mixup so we got free breakfast and free drinks before dinner.
This was our room quite lovely but a bit small.

Without the touches of yellow and red bag you would think they were black and white photos.
My selfie in the bathroom.
All old taps and door handles etc were reused., we went for a walk around the grounds before dinner.
The weather was still misty but patches of clear weather shone through every now and again.
This was one of the old look outs but was closed off to the public.
And the old Tennis courts were in disrepair, but just look at that sky, black as the ace of spades.