Saturday 24 June 2017

Winter sunshine.

A wonderful winters day warm sunshine, no wind and no rain, I must go and buy food but when I get back a day in the garden is on the cards.

 A bit of tiding and a lot of sitting just absorbing the sun.
 Another dead bird, they were slow to move off this winter usually go north well before now but some remained and the cold nights are killing them off.

 The neighbours washing.

 This chair may disappear into the greenery.
 Leroy and Kidney always find a sunny spot to sit.
 but they are camera shy you might get one but the second is not so easy, they just look away from the camera.
 Easier when this one is asleep, she was there when I went shopping still there when I got back
 one hour later no movement
 Kidney found a sunny spot not as soft as Leroys.

 Still here but I need a bit of a clean up.

 Even Pidlgee is hanging around .

 Still asleep thats 6 hours now.

 I burnt all the leaves but they will be back tomorrow, not many left on the trees now.

 I have the bubs on the wall now
 They cheer up my day.

 These are chairs for the little fellows when they grow up a bit if they want to sit in the garden, they had a clean and a coat of paint and a little pillow for comfort.

Well that makes 7 hours, the sun is setting soon she will move inside and maybe sleep on the lounge for the night after tea of course.
It's a good life cats are smarter than us.

Thursday 22 June 2017

Just playing around.

Collection of photos from last year .
Don't ask me who is the fellow is standing in front of the pyramid with the camel, I have no idea. I experimenting with my new computer.

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Hello I'm back.

Well I now have a new computer and I'm back on air I've been missing for a while as the old one finally died but I have no idea how to download new photos so this is a old one that worked so that's the best I can do today.

Monday 5 June 2017

It's getting cold here.

It is cold outside I was spending time cleaning up the garden but needed a bit of warmth so I light the outdoor fire. 
The potato crop was a bit light

The fairies are happy their garden is cleaned up.
And the bench but the leaves are still falling.
This is the next job to tackle the jasmine it has gone wild all the way up into the trees.

Leeroy up a tree chasing birds she hasn't a hope in hell of catching.
but it keeps her happy and the birds are safe.

Kidney is staying close to the fire, she is a old cat and feels the cold these days a bit like me.

The sun is coming out

and it's warming up

But the beer fairy is feeling the cold.
Nice day after all but tomorrow it is going to rain well that's according to the weather bureau.
They got it wrong no rain today.