Tuesday 30 July 2019

This week.

A quite week not doing much, next week is busy with hospital visits with the beer fairy.
I finished these two pictures, they are only little so next week I will see about selling them, I don't like selling them but am running out of wall space I will take them over to the gallery and see how they go. 

These  look a bit on the angry side.
My kitchen not very big but I get tired walking around in some peoples. 
My morning spot for breakfast on sunny days.
I followed a big black bird up here this morning he disappeared into the greenery he seamed to have a wing problem, he has some wild bird mix and water so he can stay hidden till he is feeling better.
And a bath if he can climb up there.

Lots of coverage and protection from the wind.

Sunday 21 July 2019

To cold outside I'm inside today.

 I'm doing the inside today to cold outside at the moment maybe later when the sun comes out I will venture outside.
 Lovely fire but oh so messy.

 I'm minding Missie, Bow Peeps little dog for a few hours  he knows where to go get warm in the beer fairy's blanket and have a warm sleep  till his owner comes back
So I'm just taking some photos, I have lots of butterflies in odd parts of the house.
My reading room and the spare room very nice in here in the summer  lots of cool winds from the south not so good in winter.
all year lots of light.
My tiny bathroom no bath any more to hard to get in and out.
My corrinder lives here lots of light and gets watered often.

The other spare bedroom Boo peep has slept here a few years on week days but has now retired and moved to the farm he only visits now every few weeks.
It is now the office or painting and sewing room.
My bedroom.

Thursday 18 July 2019

The story of oscar

A few months ago a very skinny black or should i say grey cat moved into the house three doors down from our place, the guy who lives there is a friend of ours he is from Hong Kong and works at Bakers Delight part time so we will call him the Asian Baker.  The cat was very cranky and didn't like women much so The beer fairy and the asian baker looked after him he has a milk crate home covered in plastic to keep him warm and lots of food and fresh water every day his back legs didn't work very well but have improved out of sight maybe lack of food caused the condition and now if I take him a raw chicken or some other treats I get a friendly meow not a hiss, still not to sure about women.
This morning he was lying in my front yard soaking up the sun but the moment i appeared off he went. The beer fairy has bought him up to our front yard a few times but he will never stay so I was very surprised to see him sunning himself in our front yard .

 The mornings are cold here this winter so I must take food down to get him out of his bed.
 but no he will not look at me and I gave him the leftovers of my new york steak I didn't eat last night
His bed is a milk crate partically covered with plastic for warmth and a cat flap in the front for a bed, I think he is fond of it as he is always in it when cold out in the sun when warm. 

Thursday 11 July 2019

The last few weeks.

Here I am  are having lunch with Yamini and Barb in the tea room at the Queen Victoria building very nice it was too, after that I had a nasty dose of flu I had my flu injection too, so off the air for a while but feeling much better now, and the beer fairy ended up in hospital for a few weeks and 6 weeks on antibodics infusions with the nurse coming every day, still not 100% but getting there.
 Our winter has been so cold nothing is growing much.
 My tyre on the wheelbarrow is flat so I guess this wheelbarrow is not going anywhere  soon.
 My bogie was so interthined with moth vine I cut it all back didn't know if it was going to survive but it is coming back fast, it was starved of flowers the last year or two however maybe  better this spring.
 Well at least the stripped wandering dew is growing well not much kills it.

 Down the side is all growing
 mainly herbs and a few flowers

 But all is going well
It all growing in pots and pallets on a cement driveway that is very thick in places and has a few cracks.

 My fake flowers are doing ok at least they are a bit of colour in winter

 I have a few fake birds to go with them
 As our real bird does allow any other birds in his yard, while I was taking photos he landed on my head maybe he was telling me to go too but he allows the beer fairy to pick him up I'm not allowed.