Wednesday 28 November 2018

A few days in Hamilton.

We are off to visit the twins cousin and his parents.
Pretty flowers.

This is one great fire engine
Who wouldn't want one in their back yard.
I'm off and racing.
This is Molly a very old cat who has been missing for a day or two, she may not like all these people staying at her place but she must of decided that we were not so bad.
A nice sunny afternoon.
I'm still getting over all the flowers on the lawns everywhere around here.

The little old puppy who lives here  too, answers to the  name of poppy.
Molly again she needs a good brush but I don't think she would let you.
There is a local zoo I only took a few photos there, the twins running down the hill.
and these fellows

Saturday 24 November 2018

Thursday 22 November 2018

The Hamilton Gardens.

These are the gardens at Hamilton NZ they are a bit different to others I have seen.
A great herb and vegie garden

they are all in separate areas and have small buildings I guess to house tools and stuff.
and this one has dragons

and unicorns

A native hut in this one

a cooling water feature in this one

We all met up at the coffee shop, the younger ones went off to a model train exhibition and the two gran mothers wondered around the gardens 
Clemmy was a happy as larry but her brother in the background not so much.
Buy for now.

Thursday 15 November 2018

Trip to Hamilton and a play in the park.

The second  day I caught a plane to Hamilton, mum and dad and the twins went by car.
 The biggest mountain in NewZealand, it was well above the clouds but I was a bit slow ing taking the picture., snow capped too.

 The twins other grandmother, nana as she is known does weaving and spinning wool and knitting she is rather good and won this award just lately.

 Here is little Clemmy we were off to the park to play.
 and here is the little fellow Wilbur in 6 months they have grown so much.

 There the mums sitting on the seats catching a rest but the grannies are up close waiting for mishaps.
Well I'm taking the pictures.