Saturday 24 September 2016

Old class get together.

Today I'm on my way to Parramatta for a lunch with some old school mates, they get together each year,  I've missed the last two or maybe three.
I was a bit early so wondered down to the river to see if there were any changes well these buildings were not here last time I was here about 2 years ago, about 60 stories tall but very thin. I can see them from the bus stop but didn't realise the were all the way done on the river

They are selling them off the plan, wonder how much they are, will look them up., They start at $608,000 to over the million, guess I will give them a miss.
The river looks nice and clean but we have a lot of rain.

Flowers everywhere pink and white very pretty.

There were 10 of us that turned up for lunch.
We are all retired now so lunch was a long affair.
I got everyone in but me but you all know what I look like
See ladies of my age also sit and play with our phones at the dinner table.

Wednesday 21 September 2016

Changes at the club, and a walk around Petersham.

We have returned to the club on mondays after a few months off bingo is the same buts lots of other changes some of the rainforest has disappeared and has been replaced by more seating for the cafe I will miss it as I liked the animals the water and all the tropical plants even if most were plastic well the animals were but the fish are real and a fair size, they must be fed in this spot as they are always here waiting.  

This fellow is new or moved
There are waterfalls lovely and cool in summer, this just drops off one floor to the one below hard to see but you can hear it.
but some of the rain forrest is still there
I'm very fond of these mats just a bit different.

My Lily of the Valley is flowering it is so small and pretty but it doesn't even have leaves yet.
Drummy eating green vegs this bit got stuck.
These photos are me trying to take the wren family but they are so small and fast.

Last weekend I went to visit my daughter and her partner. We went for a walk early to have our breakfast so many choices here as you can see the weather is lovely, good for talking a few photos along the way.
Love all the chimney stacks.
Old houses are everywhere so close to Sydney central.
I do like this stairway
Walls are interesting painted with tiger cubs monkeys and birds.
Even a castle of sorts
I have to catch a bus on this corner to go to the hospital when the babies arrive won't be long now.
My daughter making friends with a friendly cat.
Lots of flowers every where.
Everyone needs a nude lady in the front yard, but I don't have one.

Wednesday 14 September 2016

Spring is here time to get busy.

I am being annoyed by lots of crank phone calls lately is Spring the time of year they all come out , the beer fairy even got one on his mobile the other day but as he never answers it in the day it is usually left in some odd place beeping away saying please answer me but that falls on deaf ears and I do mean deaf ears.
Between 5 and 9 at night I am thinking of just taking it off the hook but that stops the calls I want to talk to so that will not work, some are rude and abusive but that's ok I can be rude and abusive too. 
Well that's my whinge out of the way, sorry I been a big neglectful lately but it is spring and the best place to be is outside so here is what I've been up to.  
 My pond is in position it's only taken 3 or 4 years.
I'm doing lots of jobs this year, the water level looks right and pretty even and I used the busted up concrete from the area where we put the bricks so doing my bit for recycling also this area is completely fenced with a lockable gate so no restriction in water level, I have been reading the rules.
 now I need to install the pump, get some fish and water plants and finish off the edges.
 Unusual flower .
 Jaizman [how do you spell that I tried a few ways and none are right] everywhere, lots of sneezing at the moment.
 Drummy is much better as her comb is back to normal it goes dark when she is not felling well.
 She is very helpful and talks to you all the time when feeling on top of the world.
 The ducks have moved in to the pond area.

 My lime is flowering lots maybe just maybe a few limes this year

 Most things are sending out new green leaves most refreshing, the little lady is just peeking out over the new lilly leaves.

Friday 9 September 2016

Sleeping in the sun and there is a croc in the pond.

The weather is warming up, It makes no difference to the cats they sleep all day if possible, sometimes one or the other must get up for food or a wonder outside.

These two are not to active .

The wrens have come back, two little ladies and the pretty blue male, maybe building a nest but they are to  fast and so tiny they are hard to see much less take photos of.

The honourable Mr Pidge Featherfoot., he likes having his photo taken but he is very good looking.
Well these two did move outside
if only to doze off in the sun, the only one missing is Drummy she has not been very social the last couple of days maybe a bit under the weather.
The guardian of the back door, he doesn't frighten anyone he almost looks friendly.
On Monday we went back to Bingo it's been two months since we last went, on the way home we called into a friends place, he had cleaned the winter leaves out of his pond and he has a few fellows living in his empty pond.
A tiny one on the side .
Would this frighten you if it was in your garden pond it would me.