Tuesday 14 July 2020

more quite time..........

This Tom Tom waiting till I make the bed he likes it made because it is so cold that he can snuggle down into the quilt make a depression and sleep the day away nice and warm.
Well come on hurry up
I finished this painting it's been so cold it's not bad sitting around with the heater on muching on chips and fiddling with a painting.
And started another one
It's coming along show you next week when it's finished
Unless it warms up and I can go outside into the garden but we had a breakout of problems with the virus you know the one so not getting any visitors or travelling for a while.........

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Out a bit more..............

A day out in Sydney on Thursday last week so much has changed a lot of shops still closed down or not reopened yet. 
This is George street in  Sydney just past where I once worked so quite, this was about lunch time it was always alive with people and cars no cars at all as the light rail runs down it now.
Barb and I went for a ride on the new trams very quick and no noise but the life is missing from the old place
The bridge is still the same
But this area was always alive with tourists none to be seen just the locals.
And the quite waters of the harbour
This week Barb and I  and her hubby and son and daughter went to help clean out a house from her daughter's in laws family a big job trying to find homes for a lifetime of stuff, we do gather a lot of things in our life, this is Barb's son a unusual fellow he is the same age as my son spent a lot of time together as children.

My house that I grew up in looks a bit different  we were in the neighbourhood so went to take a look.
I did get some new plants
They need a bit of care and attention.
This one is ok he is plastic with paint spilt on him so I thought he needed some more colour so some more paint of different colours would help.
And this little fellow looked a bit on the lonely side so he came home too.

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Just my garden..................

This maybe my last post but it's the 1st July so if they are going to take down the old system this shouldn't be allowed so we will see .
It is just the garden and it's the middle of winter so not looking it's best  but pretty good for the nights we have been having, and now it's getting dark.
My herbs are almost up to the fence top
Lots of growth everywhere but no flowers.
The street is quite that's lovely but not normal.