Saturday 1 April 2017

The last two weeks.......

This was my floor this morning This looks like mould so I sprayed it with white vinegar and wiped it over looks better now but this  has never happened before, we have had massive amts  of rain lately it has affected my phone  line and internet so no post or any time on the computer last week end so this is two weeks worth. 

Some of the picture frames were a bit mouldy too.

A purple house well I never.
These things rock the cot needed for Wilbur he likes to be rocked to sleep.
When not rolling around on the floor, as you do.

His sister has been trying to crawl but not Wilbur.

This in case they forget who they are, I think it's really cute.
This is the control rocker.

 The twins and parents came to visit my place today here they are playing on my floor.

 Look if you turn the camera round I can stand up
 but I would rather chew this.

My close up as a parting shot.