Monday 27 May 2013

My weekend away in Brisbane

Well I'm back from my short break in Queensland.
Wonderful weather much warmer than here but my bed is more comfortable and it's hard to sleep in strange houses.
This is a nest of something, they are mighty small and their are lots or big and nasty I don't know which but I'm not disturbing it for love or money.

This one of the glasshouse mountains, they are plugs from ancient volcanoes from long ago when Australia had a few,
 now we have none, that I know of.

The shopkeepers are very considerate in this state, I don't very often see anyone in NSW leave a not to explain why they are closed well not to say they have a cold. 

Is the start of winter here but some crazy people still go swimming so the flags still go out but there was a message warning of rips forming so it was dangerous.

Still not to bad wandering around but a bit windy.

Lots of tiny shells everywhere no big ones.

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Footprints in the sand I wonder whose oh wait they are mine.

As you can see it's pretty windy, this is my daughter, I really like this picture.  

This little fellow was so tiny.

Have you ever seen brown paper window curtains well you have now they did the job.

My son and his wife have just moved into a new house in another state so they are not yet finished decorating yet. 

Everything is white so you can add your personal touches, this is a huge room in the middle of the house joining the living areas and the sleeping areas together, it has full morning sun and milder afternoon sun, lovely in winter and big doors open up in summer to let the breezes in. 

Water tanks are now popular on new houses for toilets and cleaning purposes.

tall fences for privacy.

Side yard for entertaining back yard seem smaller and smaller in new houses.

They need a bigger TV, this one looks tiny in these big rooms.

As you can see the garden is coming along nicely.

The cats have a new home.

With apartments for resting.

Murry prefers the old box for sleeping and Bibby likes the grass.

There is always a spider even in a new house.

And here we have the three pyjaminoes (people in their jim jams)

Now what will we have for breakfast, would you believe toast, bacon and eggs and fresh vegi juice and coffee not bad.

The juice was celery, carrots, apple, orange, ginger, beetroot and passionfruit, it was pretty good.

This is bye for now..........