Thursday 26 May 2016

Last week was a bit busy.

This guy has moved into my wood pile but didn't last long my cats killed him and left him in the lounge room the other night but at least he was dead not like the mouse.

The other day I went shopping in Parramatta, lots of changes happening there.
This is the 90 story building that is go up, there has been talk about it for a few years now but it's started now.

Other buildings all over the place cranes everywhere.
The old church is still there and the park around it.
and all the trees
but Parramatta has changed a lot in my life time.
When we were kids my sister and I would sometime go shopping with mum and the highest building was 3 stories high it was the only big department store there and it had a cafe, to eat out in those days was a treat now their are lots of places it's hard to make up your mind what to have.
We all got together my son and daughter in law were visiting from QLD so my daughter and her fellow came over for dinner, just some silly snaps of everyone but me.

Sleepy times the chicken was very nice .
I had a mark on my coffee table from a hot thing  this will disappear in a few weeks you put lots of polish on it cover it and it returns to its normal colour or that's what has happened in the past.

I moved Pidges water bowl, well how dare I he was not happy but decided in the end moved water was better than no water

The children leaving in there bright orange car, do you know how rare orange cars are.
We counted yellow cars for a week once there was under the hundred and there was six people doing it in different areas, there are more yellow ones than orange.

Saturday 14 May 2016

My furry man is visiting.

Last week was not too good .
A troublesome wisdom tooth a upset tummy and a bout of hayfever made things a bit crabby so I've not been on the blog much.
This weekend Angus is staying, it's been a while so I've missed my furry man, his owners are going up the Hunter to a wedding so today we just hung out in the garden a wonderful warm and sunny day, winter is just around the corner but you would never know. 
The cats are all asleep inside but Angus likes the garden and has his pig to play with.
Drummy is around somewhere. 
 Oh there she is, these two get on ok but respect their own space
 I just followed him around and took photos as you can see her was usually heading off somewhere.

 Drummy took to hiding so she could dig up worms and snails in peace, her comb is now a lovely red colour so in much better health and putting on weight so I'm pleased.
 My new tree is doing ok.

 I'm still following him but not much happening.

 So just random photos now.

The sun is gone and it's getting chilly time to go inside.

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Two visits, red skies and lots of birds.

Flocks of birds,mainly white ones are everywhere at the moment.
We often see lots in summer and spring but don't remember seeing them in such numbers at the start of winter before, every time I went to get the camera they flew away but managed to get these from the other side of the road.  
And many red skies, this week.
My niece came for lunch
Well actually the beer fairys niece they grew up together, she was my workmate at Repco and he had just arrived in Sydney so she organised for us to meet so the tree of us go back a long way, good catch up on all the family's gossip.
 A visit over to my daughters.    The mum to be and the father to be.

 Wonderful red skies yesterday afternoon, special effects on this one I dropped the camera and took a picture at the same time couldn't do it again if I tried.