Saturday 27 April 2019

My latest paintings.

We have had wonderful weather in Sydney and I have spent most of the week in the garden, I went with friends to Parramatta last Tuesday visited the art gallery and the chocolate shop they have a intake in 4 vweeks so I might be in NZ but if I make it I will try and put some in for sale and of course had morning tea in the chocolate shop very nice it was too and lunch at the shopping centre . 

Not a lot has happened in the garden this week so I'm showing my latest painting having trouble with the legs and the third from the back looks like it has a duck head.
I don't mind this can see nothing wrong with it, finished my drawings of the twins but I need more up to date photos they have grown so much.  .

This one is huge just some finishing touches to be done.

The girl in the white jumper has builders labourers hands will have to tone them down a bit. 

Sunday 21 April 2019

The driveway lots of greenery and no cars.

Well not much has changed  so I'm still showing you the garden as I have been busy in it, the weather is just wonderful at the moment mild and sunny.
Most of my pot plants are now in the driveway as we no longer have a car and my sons car went to old car heaven, I would have liked to make gardens but the cement in places was very thick, so that was just out of the question,
All have settled into their new places very well but they get more attention than being spread all over the garden.
Some of the ones on the shaded areas are fake so easy to look after.

But these are real ones and they like their new spots.

The lemon tree likes the company producing lots of lemons.
But there was a tree cut down around the corner and these ones didn't fit on the truck so the beer fairy bought them home but they are much to green to burn in our indoor fire but will be good for next year, it was a huge tree the guy that lives there was worried about it coming down or dropping branches which gums do sometimes.
Barbara gave me a hyrdranger and it's shooting maybe will take never had much luck with them in the past but you never know.
My passionfruit is not looking good I knocked the tip off bringing it home but it still looks green so maybe it will take.
These are all in pots but doing very well in their new spots.
And the herbs are happy nice amt of morning sun.

The other garden is doing well too these gardens are made out of pallets stacked stone and cement blocks.
These have always been here now to big to move so here they stay.
This is where I was up to in my last post no loses all going well so far.

I do like these fake plants for darker spaces and I can always mix them up with real ones that do well in the shaded places.

Well thats it for today time for coffee and cake.

Saturday 6 April 2019

Two .months holiday , good to be back.

My last post was the  10 January it's the 5th of April now the people at Google wouldn't let me into my blog as I forgot my google password but sorted it all out now I hope but you never know. These pictures were taken in January when the sun was shining and we were in drought now it's raining and has been for a week or two and cooling off too. 

Lots of growth even if it was a long hot summer with little rain.

Tomorrow if it stops raining I will go outside and show you what I've been doing in the last few months.

Moth vine everywhere but it been very wet in the last two weeks it's just going off must get rid of it soon before the little bulbs form. but it is pretty when it flowers.

The driveway without Charlie the car I will make it a garden with pots the cement is very thick and cracked so no way am I removing it.

Removing the pots have given me more room in the back yard feels bigger now.
And most things grow very well down the side morning sun helps.

I have two pallets gardens
one with herbs, the green rocks glow in the dark and the solar lights help me find the right herbs.
These are all pots

All seams happy here at the moment.