Sunday 30 October 2016

Grandma visiting for a bit.

Thanks for all your comments and well wishes, I will be missing for a few more days as I off to do Grandma duty for a while as the little pineapples are going home this afternoon they can be a bit prickly at times according to their parents but they are just so sweet other times but there will be lots of photos in the future.

Friday 28 October 2016

The twins are here.

I've been missing for a day or two We have been welcoming the new members of our family, they are two days old and very cute.

We are having a moment

I have them both here, the pictures are a bit dark as we are not using the flash.

Friday 21 October 2016

A slow week.

Daytime TV is always not the best but lately when ever I'm at the doctors that's all they play and it's always The Ellen Show but it was worse today I  was up there for a ear problem which turned out to be a middle ear infection, so not hearing the best and the TV was turned down very low, is it bad manners to change the channel but with no remote I don't know how now. It all started with lots of ladies jumping up and down in the audience not sure why, then Ellen did a little dance down the central aisle with lot's of hand waving has she been giving D Trump lessons in hand waving he does it a lot too.
It wasn't to bad I only had to wait about 1/2 hour today, that's pretty good, I think they should play soothing music. My she gives away a lot of stuff I guess that is why they are all so excited.
Anyway my dentist is just across the road so I went to make a appointment but no one was there always such a relief he does have a lot of holidays but I must see him soon as I broke a tooth the other day.
All other health issues OK I've had my yearly blood test and all ok.
The grandchildren are arriving next Wednesday all being well.
  This is what I've been working on,  not right yet maybe never will be it's my parents, the beer fairy reckons my dad looks like Donald Trump he said my dad wouldn't like that, he is right about that.
Talk to you later Merle...........

Wednesday 19 October 2016

A walk to the shops, Spring is everywhere.

This guy is a house painter, his house could do with a coat of paint but his garden is very good, very tropical and nice and cool to walk past in summer.
The garden extends right up to the curb and the car is wrapped up just in case we have a cold snap, come to think of it it's never unwrapped maybe a spare, as I've seen him in a different one.
The street trees are flowering so that brings the birds.

This is a pretty rose .
I like this house always very neat
and the boat out the front isn't bad eighter.

I like this house too but the garden is not much chop.
Another boat lots around lately wonder if they won lotto maybe they have a big win, not noticed so many before.
Some houses have small blocks and some have large.

This is my driveway it's a bit of a mess but I'm getting there this old bath is from my sons house it is to live out its life as a outside bath on a farm with a fire under it to keep it warm, well that's the Beer Fairy's and Bo Peep idea will it happen who knows.  

And I have a lemon or two, this hasn't happened before.
And lots of flowers and a few roses.

The fence is slowly disappearing.
but it is there.
Time for a coffee and a apple turnover now see you later.

Friday 14 October 2016

Getting ready for spring.

It is spring here but winter doesn't want to go so it hot one day cold the next.
The beer fairy's project he cut and sanded this wood for a small table top, the base has been floating around for some time but now it is a useable surface.
And a cute little table to boot, now it needs a stain and vanish, oh I must paint the bottom half of the rocking chair.

I can't resist late afternoon taking pictures in the back yard I do like the shadows and sun contrast.
The other day I went to the shops and when I returned home my pond had some water plants floating on top, turns out it was one of our neighbours he popped them in  as a surprise, these are not plants that should ever be released in our waterways, I will have to be careful of them if I dispose of them .

The car is now empty of paint, I emptied all the half empty cans into other ones some interesting colours there., in the car they were starting to heat up and some of the cans are now interesting shapes, a few warm days change where you can store my sons things.
Drummy's digging area is shrinking but she is getting old and now sleeps a lot during the day she has stopped laying maybe 18 months ago but how old she is is anyones guess, she is in retirement now. I've had a few days off colour so have been very quiet of late the weather has been super hot then freezing cold not sure if it's me trying to adjust to the changes or I have a bug of some kind, hope to be back to normal in a day or two.

Sunday 9 October 2016

My week.

 We have had some windy weather lately my gabizo thingo is in pieces.
 Big rips in the covers
 And the all the plastic bits are broken.
 The only thing I could save were the metal pipes.

 The twins high chairs, wish they were this small and practical when mine were little, mine had funny wooden legs always dirty, straps and a tray that stained. Maybe my last visit before the twins arrive.
 Our next door neighbours had a birthday party for their daughters thirteen birthday the always have leftovers but this is enough to feed us for almost a week . The Beer Fairy looks pleased.
On the way to my friends house I took photos of her neighbourhood. Nice tree lined streets and old houses.
 These were so pretty.
 I would buy that house if I could afford it.
 or this one.
 This was once The Asia Centre but has been sold to church organization.

 and this was the old peoples nursing home but now a private house and the grounds been built out with units.

And I once lived in the top flat a long time ago when we  were first married.