Saturday 24 October 2015

Art show at Parramatta.

 Every year the Parramatta Art Society has a art show, I'm a member but have never sent anything in.
Last year it was a bit poor but this year I was so impressed maybe had something to do with the cold winter we had this year, we are now allowed to take photos so I got snapping.
I hope you enjoy the show I know I did.

 The lion looks to me like he is lost in a dream, I liked him a lot.
 The blue one won second prize.
 My photo is a bit blurry the painting was a lot clearer.
 I have no idea what this is .

 This was a stunning picture but didn't win anything, but they were for sale and this one was just over $900 .

 I liked this one no frame so one was painted on just a bit different.
 Good sky.
 Lots of detail here.
 I pretty sure this was a painting of our local markets, I think I've seen the lady behind the counter on the bus.
 This was a stunning picture but behind glass so a bit of a problem with reflections.
 Birds were popular but no cats, guess they would chase the birds.

 I think I've seen him on the bus too.
 The winner but my flash has spoiled the picture sorry about that.

 This is the Parramatta park, as you can see lots of buildings going up .

 Nice cool spot on a hot day.
 These shops have all shut, a 90story building is going up here or so I've heard, all apartments and shops underneath.
Off home now see you later.

Friday 23 October 2015

Not a lot, just a chat and flowers.

I lost a person for agers I've had 69 followers now I've got 68 how does that happen , once I had 70 but then back to 69 so I gathered that that person wasn't a stayer, I feel lonely and unloved.

Well anyway I'm off to the dentist again so I take my camera on the walk up there as it takes my mind off the dentist visit, but this time I should have taken a brolly as guess what it poured on the way home, ended up a bit damp.

These flowers are still looking good a few dead ones but not many.

And this is a mature dragon fruit tree, it had fruit last year will keep a eye out to see if there are any this year.

The house that goes with the tree as you can see they have a asian theme going on here.

Pricklie pear plant, strange flower set up.
Strange name for a street.
And my brommy flowers, they are so different.

That's it for me today, my mouth is a bit sore so a nap on the cards.

Sunday 18 October 2015

A mobility scooter, a missing cat and a lot of garden work.

 This was given to the beer fairy, his brother had another stroke, has limited walking and this would give him more freedom but we have to get batteries and a charger and organise it to be sent down to him, he lives in the Snowy Mountains, in a small country town.
 I'm cutting our my dead bogie, it's very thorny,
 and a bit of a mess at the moment.

 This tree died when they build the house next door, they hit a tap root and it just turned up its toes and has become a danger.
The bogie was all tangled around it and the base was rotting but no one wanted to get in there and cut it out but Boo Peek attacked it with a chain saw the other day and it's my job to cut all the bogie away, the beer fairy is on blood thiners so he shouldn't get to many pricks as he bleeds a lot, plus I'm more careful than the males I know.  
 We are one cat down Hooie's sister has been missing for three weeks now no sign of her anywhere. We hope she has found another home as just lately she has been taking trips around the local area.
Hooie is a bit camera shy always looks away.
 Here she is licking her lips, didn't realise what she was doing until I blew up the picture.
 My pavers are now terra cotta colour so is the ground, the rust water from the old hot water system was so rusty it's left it's mark, I quite like it.
 My front verandah wall will soon need attention big cracks are appearing.
 I had pot plants on it and water caused damage but it was a slow process and I didn't realise but we live and learn.

 Cutting back out the front too.
Haven't tackled this side yet.