Thursday 26 January 2017

Five days in Brisbane.

The new house in Brisbane.
I knew nothing about it, as we pulled up to the house My son told me we were staying at the koala park as a special treat, there is a koala park just down the road well a sign anyway so I  didn't think twice but when we went inside the house which is very nice by the way their  house cat Moi Moi wandered out I was a bit wary, they have a new house on 5 acres with another small house, sheds, and a swimming pool it is a lovely place.
This fine looking dog greats at the front door.
My daughter in law.
The son with the newest member of the family, Goatie.
A pineapple plant, never seen one before.
The cat house where all the other cats live.
The gym not sure if it gets used much never by me.
the side yard, thats bamboo in the background and that marks the edge of their land
The house
My son and daughter in law looking very relaxed on the back deck.
The pool.

And the back yard.

We  went to visit a cousin who I hadn't seen for about 45 years good to catch up with all the family business .

Afternoon tea yummy cakes.

The first day I was there it was very humid strange light too felt like it was going to rain all day it did that night.

But the next day it was much better not as hot or humid,  here is Goatie eating carrot treats.
He is a real cutie

Had enough I think

Trying out his new harness

Can't stop eating
Went for a swim
Water was lovely and warm

Cooking dinner alway good to visit and other people cook, I like it anyway.

We went out for dinner the next day, I took this picture of Brisbane by night, it's not far to the city centre about 45mts by car about 1hour by bus, nothing like Sydney traffic much nicer.
My son took this one his is much better
So he took a few more

Dinner was very yummy I might add but didn't take a picture it was a posh place and we had a whispering waiter, I couldn't hear what he was saying but the other two were very amused by him they had trouble hearing him too.
The second last day we took Goatie for a walk down the back of the property it's the wild area, just bush.

You need a stick to wipe down the spider webs and frighten away snakes but didn't see any of those.

Goatie like to romp around and run free he also eats anything he can
You come out of the wild area into the back yard this is the back of the house from the edge of the lawn.

And the cat house
Lots of gums

This is their Jade or money tree it's doing well, mine died.
Goatie has patches to graze on

Goaties home it really a chicken yard but he is using it at the moment, there are foxes around here so always put away when no one is at home for safety.
Well it's goodbye from QLD I'm now back in Sydney.