Saturday 25 July 2015

A day in Sydney, at the Art Gallery and other places.

Today my mate Barb and I went into the city for the day, to check out the painting in the Archibald portrait painting.
Firstly this is the local cafe next to the supermarket under new management and now selling camel burgers not sure if I will give them a try.
We were not going anywhere near the shops or the city centre but heading to the gardens and the Domaine for the day also a quick tour around Hyde Park and The Art Gallery. When we arrived in the city the first thing we saw was this fellow not sure if he was a fellow or maybe a lady, all wrapped up in a blanket and sound asleep, it's been a while since I seen a homeless person asleep on a park bench.
The two seats were vacant, we could use them on the way back but we forgot our blankets, so I guess no naps.

The war memorial

and the pool of reflection
Centrepoint tower

This was a flag about the Sydney to surf but the wind dropped as I was taking the picture.

The trees lining the path down to the fountain.
St Marys

There is always a bride having her photo taken.

Great fountain lots of water going everywhere.

Centerpoint tower is maybe Westfields tower now but no one told me.

Morton bay figs they are pretty big trees.
Now when you come across a bunch of people and very large plastic balls in a field you wonder what happens next,
Well they pop them over their heads and guess what.

They play football, sort of, well no injuries but if you fell over would you  roll off the field, it looked like fun.

The last time we went to the Art Gallery, there was a sign up to say cameras were not to be used but today lots of people were taking pictures with their phones so I had to ask and was told they are now allowed but  no flashes so I took a few in the general part some turned out some didn't.  
I like the clouds in this one
Cool river scene

Sweet little fellow dozing in the alley
This one is not a happy chappy
This is a crazy tree
and ones with big roots

The afternoon is clouding over time to head home.
My friend in the gardens
A rainbow to welcome me home.

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Cold weather and a warm fire.

This is the new article added to the household it's a ultrasonic vaporiser, they are good to sleep with they keep the air moist as my nose dries out and cracks when I sleep, I use it about 4 times a week and am happy with it, it does the job, you can put oils in it and you have a perfumed bedroom but I  stick to eucalyptus oil .
My visitors had gone home to the sunny state so all quiet on the western front.

The oven has been fixed and cleaned so now I can do baked dinners and proper roast spuds and biscuits and cakes.
But the top plates are rusting away, every time I clean them bits fall off, a  new stove coming up soon

Started a new painting, doing more this winter I weather is colder than last year so more time inside with the heater.
But burning off the dead tree is always great, big stuff goes in the inside fire but all the little stuff outside, lots of pine needles they do smell good so the neighbours don't complain cause it does get smoky and we can always wack on the top and do a sausage or two.

The beer fairy chops up the bits I can't do then sits down to enjoy the warmth, he is out of shorts it must be cold.

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Bits and more bits

I have been a bit on the lazy side lately, no posts much and I haven't keep up with my reading on the blog the day time weather has been wonderful coolish winter days with lots of warm sunshine, well that's all over now it's freezing even when the sun is shining,  so I'm inside with the heater on drinking hot coffee.
We did cut down the dead pine tree in the back yard and it's been dead for a while so it's been burning in our fire place smells lovely next cool dry day I will burn all the little bits in the back yard burner.

Some good size logs here.

And lots of rubbish.
My son was down for a week and a bit so that ment a trip to Bunnings so I got some more gravel,

and these little fellows were a dollar each so I got three.
The fairy garden was moved under the tree's nothing grows there and I lost a gobblin when wood cutting so it's safer here.

New cleaner and the old one works now I've cleaned out all the filters so now I've got two.

When my daughter in law came down we went out dinner in Parramatta.
so of course they has to pull faces
I tried twice BUT it didn't work.

Lots of buildings going up, there are four cranes in this very small area but you can only see two, how they move anything without banging into each other is anyones guess.

And a giant white rabbit in the park not sure what this is about but just too cold to cross the street to find out.

My daughter in law saying hello to the twins.
Drummy has really slowed down in the laying dept so the beer fairy wrote her name on the last one so she would get a drummy egg for breakfast.
My son was down to replace all the wood around the windows in the house at Rosehill and paint outside so he was pretty busy.

So he took a couple of pictures of the process.