Tuesday 19 June 2012

My weekend

On the weekend we went to Eugowra for a celebration on a hold up that happened many years ago I not sure  how long it was. It was wet and cold all day not the best weather for all the outdoor activities.

Back to Eugowra weekend.

Murals on buildings in Eugowra.

Jodie again.

They are very true to life.

Grain silo.

Busy main street at Eugowra.

More arty statues.

Eugowra weekend

This is the Fat Lamb hotel in down town Eugowra.

This is the most amazing heater that I ever seen, made out of plough discs.

Painting of bush rangers were all over the town. 

My son the poser.

More plough disc art.

In door sack race it was too wet outside.

One wet day for the horses.

Friday 8 June 2012

Wednesday 6 June 2012

wild and windy night

Leaves everywhere.

me this morning after not much sleep

more leaves

the tree is almost bare and it is only the 6th  day of winter some years winter is warm enough to keep most of the coverage not this year we are in for a cold winter

Angus exploring after a noisy night of high winds and rain.

more raking today