Saturday 28 September 2013

The Bavarian Bier Cafe'

We went out for tea or dinner which ever you call it to a German cafe for my birthday dinner, it's not my birthday for 6 weeks but the son and daughter in law will be in QLD so we had an outing to celebrate while they were here .
This is what we ate, the food was very nice but I wouldn't go there in summer. The food is too heavy for hot weather, last night there was a bit of chill still in the air so it went down well.

Here they are, looking sweet
Of course they couldn't keep it up for long we must pull faces when mum takes photos
The beer fairy has had a large beer notice the red and rosy face
I look a bit rosy too, it was a very popular place to eat lots of people, three very crazy  guys playing musical things stamping the floor and singing,it was all great fun and very noisy.
Leeroy was up here last night waiting for us to come home and again this morning.

Friday 27 September 2013

It's a hot day let's be lazy

It's over 30c today and our city is ringed by smoke from bush fires so no one is to active today time for a lazy day. Leroy does this everyday but not often on this chair, I guess it cooler plenty of air circulation.

 Of course the beer fairy is good at sitting around too but notice no beard and very short hair shows how hot it is.

 My daughter in law is sharing breakfast with Mal, this cat is another Angus she eats most things.
 If you are under 50 you must play with your phone for a bit first thing in the morning. Now my son is 41 I have to keep changing the time lines once said under 40.
 Mal is getting full, she had her breakfast some of mine and some of May's.
 The plate was washed up by Angus.
 Must have left a bit just making sure.
 Not only is it hot also strong winds half an hour ago I swept all the leaves up, more everywhere now.
 This is how strong it is it hard to catch, comes in waves and high up.

 I'm doing a spot of gardening don't know how long I will last.
 Just planting a few pots out into the garden, we are off to the bonsai nursery this afternoon, my out of state visitors are starting a garden in their new home, it's a good place to check out when starting out.

 Angus and I are tired and hot, time to put the feet up and rest.

 Still trying to take wind pictures.

 They say mad dogs and englishmen go out in the midday son
Well there has been a move to the loungeroom nice and cool in there.

Sunday 22 September 2013

New lounge cover and gifts from the children.

This is the beer fairy's lounge, it's as old as the hills but he loves it, he welded a metal frame for it so it's as solid as a rock but really cosy and good to sit lie or whatever, but every couple of years it gets a new cover as the cats like it too and sharpening claws on the sides is just so much fun, and they are always doing it so the cover wears out quick.
The garden fairies also got a new paint job as I was inside for a few days with all the activity next door and all the dust flying around.
Must be a good story they look quite chatty.
A new check blanket for my bed, it's very light for summer, washed out the winter quilts much to hot now.

Do you think they have had a fight not so friendly now.
This is the material for the now cover not sure he would like it but he said it doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it feels good and is not rough to touch, men are easily pleased.

It a bit fiddly to fit but worth the effort, I tried one of those ready made ones but they just don't do lounges this shape anymore and they just don't fit. We  had this lounge for 30 odd years and he found it somewhere most probably on the side of the road so I sprayed it with bug spray to kill anything that was living in it, he fixed it all up and I have been making covers for it ever since.
My daughter in law made this for me, it's very pretty she makes all the flowers and the little bird from felt.
My son arrived the other day bearing gifts. It's my birthday soon and they are visiting for two weeks.
I got some new broms this one is a beauty.

This is like a bird of paradise only different so I don't know what it is.
And this is a bottle tree grows to a massive thing in about 100 years I not sure how long they think I  will last.

The cover is almost finished it needs to be washed so I  know if it will shrink so it looks a bit big yet.

Friday 20 September 2013

All about family and houses.

My daughter and her partner are now homeowners.

They are now in the process of owning a home, it's a sweet little house close to the city where they both work but Angus is now further away but will still visit.
My son is coming down from Qld for two weeks and his wife is coming next week so it will be busy for a couple of weeks.
Some garden pictures to look at Angus is over today and I have been inside more because of all the work next door, lots of dust which was playing up with my hay fever. 
 I have a new flower on one of my broms, this one has never flowered so I do not know what it will look like.

 Angus wants to go and play in the garden so we are off to tidy up and do some weeding.
Great day lots of sunshine and no workmen next door so nice and quiet too, and no dust.

 We did lots of weeding in the back garden, it's been left alone in winter so the wandering dew just takes over.  
 Angus is hoping for old bones he sometimes finds them up here.

 Just about finished up here
 Time for a sit down and cool drink, I have many seats in my yard I need more rests than I did when younger.

 No wind today it's very still, just the sound of the birds.

 This little bloke broke his leg and it fell off but he still is smiling

 The guardians of pidge's food, they are surposed to frighten off the wild birds who eat all his food but no one takes any notice of them they don't work at all.

   All done we will throw some fertiliser around tomorrow when Angus has gone home he will eat it if he can and it's just not good for him.