Thursday 25 September 2014

A wonder around the garden after a thunderstorm.

 We are off to the doctors in a hour but this great storm just passed over lots of thunder and lightning not a lot of rain but enough to freshen everything up and the sun has just come out so I grabbed the camera to grab a few shots my path is almost finished I found some little pink and blue tiles to give it a bit of colour.
 Polished the sundial and thats how much rain we had in the birdbath and cat and chicken drinking bowl.
 This is a new garden it's only pots at the moment but if I plant things in between the pots they usually take over unless they taste very good and  Drummy eats them.
 I needed to repot my yucca it was so top heavy that it kept falling over, now it's in a pot about six sizes bigger and much heavier.
 More flowers on the lime tree, I am expecting lots of limes this year.
 These are pretty but they can take over.

 The beer fairies garden of fouroclocks.

 New herbs starting to grow.

 Drummy just has to be in the photos, even when the gate is shut.

 The maple is shooting new leaves.

 Jasmine is dying off it still smells wonderful.

 My mulberry tree has huge lumps on it, it's a insect of some sort but my tree is 20 odd years old so it's at the end of it life.

 My other unusual path made from railway cleates they were on the railway sleepers that I build up the side gardens with.

My garden has a just washed feeling to it and I like my ladybirds on my back gate.
But we must head off now to Parramatta as TBF is having some tests this afternoon.

Sunday 21 September 2014

Battered beer fairy.

The beer fairy had a fall the other day, this is a couple of days later, he has a blood blister under the eye and lots of swelling  also a lot of swelling in the nose maybe broken but he would't see a different doctor so he will go to see his doctor on monday, he lost a lot of blood, he is not game to blow his nose, he said when I took his photo to tell them " you ought have seen the other guy" I can tell you the floor and cupboard are fine not a mark on them. I've missed a few blogs as he required looking after a bit of looking after but feeling bit better now.

Friday 19 September 2014

A week of sunshine and lots of spilt paint.

Late in the afternoon the sun was low and shining on a plastic disk it's not even clean, it hangs off my wind chimes, you would think it was a mirror by the reflection that it produced.

Yesterday was a day of mishaps I painted my back step and dropped the paint, it was stored in a glass jar so it broke, the beer fairy was very wise and told me that is why they sell paint in cans so if you drop them they will not break.
But I also managed to knock over a can of red enamel while painting the back gate, he made no comment about that, very wise on his part.

My painting shoes have a few new colours.
But this little garden worked out well, so the day wasn't a total loss.

Today was wonderful this morning Mal has a favourite chair in to sun most mornings you will find her here dozing the morning away.
But Who likes the shade and is often hard to find the twins are as different as chalk and cheese.
Would you believe this is a truck tyre and it's just had a haircut.
I don't know what this is growing happily with my cuttings, I will soon find out what colour they are.

And even the lemon tree has flowers maybe I will get a lemon or two.
Flowers everywhere