Sunday 28 December 2014

The week before Christmas and Christmas dinner.

Went to visit my friend before christmas,  this is Kyton  you would think I was going to steal his dinner from that intense look.
Ok not worried now I must look well fed.
pretty aren't they will not grow at my house

Look Kyton has his own christmas stocking, wonder what he wants most likely a nice bone.

This is such a cute shower curtain.
What a neat workshop, I would like one like this, mine is almost impossible to get in the door, well it's not mine it's the beer fairy's and he likes it that way I suspect, impossible to find things but I now store power tools and hammer and stuff inside so I can find things.

Kidney and Drummy have their own chairs, Kidney will share with the beer fairy, Drummy will not share with anyone.

Aren't I the best looking hen in the world.
What's that I hear you say, you can't tell me apart from other brown hens well you need glasses.
Oh lookie here rockmelon I'm very fond of that fruit, funny thing Drummy doesn't like mangoes she leaves me alone when she finds I'm eating them and I'm always eating them.

I bought a new jigsaw maybe finished by 2015 maybe not.
I started a new blanket for winter it been a bit cold the last few days.

My mighty river and bridge, I've been playing in the garden.

 Well I started it.

 This fellow was crawling around my laundry this morning, most likely hiding from Drummy.
 A friend mad these little planters they are just right to hold my small jugs the cats often knock them off and they break easily, they were once full of ginger beer and we had them for years.
 The foyer of our club where we play bingo, they had some wonderful displays for christmas.
 Christmas day, Angus opening his gifts.

 Chrismas dinner lots of vegs.
 Ham and salad.
 Wonderful salted chicken this is the best chicken I ever tasted.
 Special beer fairy's mayonaise.
 And home made cheese bread I forgot to take pictures of the chocolate pudding too busy eating it.
 This a full tummy And sleepy look.

 The beer fairy looks worried did he eat too much and will it spoil his figure  the cooks are busy in the kitchen but I did help with the washing up.

Angus says hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Friday 19 December 2014

A few days off.

Sorry not been on line for a few days, not been to well but better now.
I have no pictures but will take my camera, I'm off visiting my friend and daughter for a day or two.
Bye for now Merle..................

Thursday 11 December 2014

A wonder around the garden after the rain and Susie.

 We had a break in the weather today so I went for a wonder around the garden so see how everything was after the weeks of rain, most things are as happy as can be with all this humid wet weather but not me so much.

 My little plastic plants get a good wash.

 And this poor little ceramic bird fell in the cats and birds water, all rainwater not had to fill this for days, my cats will drink out off any containers that hold rainwater in preference to tap water so they are pleased, lots of rainwater to drink.
 Everything is thriving

 And the turtles are happy.

 My bay tree was on it's last legs a couple of weeks ago but has a new lease of life since all the rain.
 You can't get the gate open to The beer fairies vege garden but he has tomatoes pumpkins potatoes and tobacco plants in there somewhere, oh and grapes

 Lots of tomatoes but all green if we don't get some heat soon they won't ripen and all the tomato dust I

 used just got washed off.

 The passionfruit looks healthy but no flowers yet.

 weeds popping up everywhere.

 my elephant and asian lady will need a bath, they have mud all over them.

 The broms are all flowering.

This is Susie, her mum made the hat she looked lovely on her wedding day, I always wanted to paint her so a couple of years ago I did but don't remember if I ever showed her to you.