Wednesday 24 June 2020

Lost wedding photos.

Two stories in a couple of days unusual for me but my wedding photos proofs have turned up after been missing for about 45 years they are tiny little photos I took them along to The Camera House they produced three very nice photos they are black and white.

And the beer fairy and I are very young.
Because I didn't have a big photo I had a go at painting us.

 This was done a fair way back but am still having trouble with people the hardest thing to paint.
I am still getting messages to say blogs are changing I have tried the new system and don't like it does this mean I be off the air or can we still use the old one?

Monday 22 June 2020

Just hanging around the house.

I have a very relaxing loungeroom or maybe we are super boring.

At least I get a grin when Bo Peep wakes up well it is a long drive from the farm.
I finished my blue wren picture.

This was given to us after we were married it was a decanter with a bottle in it for spirits which broke many years ago  but it has been in my garden for some time but it needed a facelift so after a paint job and small repair it is as good as it was when new all I need now is some horses.
Up  the back is a real mess never used in the summer but this winter is so cold this is the warmest place in the backyard so a good cut back  and clean out is a good idea.

I v'e done the cut back but the clean up hasn't happened yet.
This is a bright red hibiscus but it didn't look to good and hasn't flowered in two years so a hair cut might help and a feed.
I filled up the garden bin so time to stop now,  the boss did not seam to pleased.

I'm almost finished this painting this staying at home gives me more time to paint.

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Back to the old system

Well I gave it a go and it was so confusing so back on the old one. I had all the photos lined up and tried to save them and they all disappeared by that time I was ready to throw the computer out the window so better the devil you know than the one you don't,

This is my latest painting which I don't mind but not sure what that red reflection is in the photo.
And this is a cockroach that climbed up the lace curtain in the loungeroom there is a spider attached he raced down the curtain killed the cockroach and tried to take it undercover to eat it but as he was only a third of the size and couldn't move it, he was only a small house spider and I was surprised that he could kill a cockroach  but there you go both came to a sticky end spiders and insects are allowed in my garden but not to happy with them in the house.

We  had a lovely rainbow but faded a bit by the time I got the camera.
Another painting

The magies new home stuck in candle wax so they don't fall over maybe the hit the turps when I not looking.

Just some garden pictures
Some are in pots and some are growing in pallets filled with dirt

Sitting in the sun The beer fairy is very good at this.

We have done a bit of home stuff lately.
Put the drainhole plug in in the bathroom I don't like tiles on the bathroom floor to cold and sometimes to slippery so we have wood .
and painted the fan blades since put back the light fixture
and half cleaned the oven not the racks yet.

I finished this painting .

Monday 1 June 2020

Oh I give up

I looked it up and it's been a month since I did a blog I've been out and about and had visitors but taken very few pictures, so I will scoot around today and show you any new changes, my magpies and kookaburra had a new coat of paint they were going rusty they need a spruce up every couple of years. The kookaburra does not fool the wild kookaburras but often a magpie will check my tin ones out, and go away very upset, one knocked him over so now they are sitting on a tree stump in some melted candle wax .Well this is it I cant' download my photos at at the moment I have a upgraded facebook and a new blog upgrade and nothing works very well or I'm not doing it right I'M about to give up on the whole thing.