Tuesday 30 June 2015

Words for Wednesday...last week that is and the new car......................

He was good looking blue eyes and blond, tall and burly just perfect.
But as she looked down he was standing with the aid of a walking stick, just recovering from a motor bike accident, well we all need a rebel in our lives sometimes, the alarm bells rang as a member of a 
bike gang she wasn't sure if she wanted to get involved with him.
 The son is visiting from QLD, he is down for two weeks.
The new car make the journey, it's a lovely thing I like the BMW a very neat car and a new one is always better, the beer fairy has never owned a new car in his life and I've never owned a car.

 Their engine is so small and compact.
This is a posed photo as if you couldn't tell, father and son looking silly.

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Goodbye to a huge gum tree.

I  finished my painting and hung it in the lounge room.
I have a furry visitor for a while, he finds the sunny spots and warms his back.

At night he likes the lounge
We will soon be dozing, me too.
Leeroy has her spot to.
This is a massive gum tree two houses up from my back yard and they cut it down today, that's kind of sad because it was always full of birds in summer but these trees have a problem in gardens they drop branches without warning and a lot have come down and caused a lot of damage in the storms and high winds we had lately.
This guy was the only one cutting he had lots of safety ropes but that's such a dangerous job seeing he was using a chain saw.

I got this one as the branch was falling

All gone it's always been there since we lived here.
I took some sunny garden pictures too as it was such a lovely fine day for winter

 Of course drummy wanted to get into the act.

 The only flowers a few nodding violets.

 but still nice and green
 Well it's goodbye from Angus
Just turning cold now.

Thursday 18 June 2015

Painting waves, dragon fruit and strange light.

 Today is cold and wet so I will spend the day painting, well I did start cleaning the house but I blew out the motor on my vacuum cleaner smoke, sparks and a bad smell so that's that it, I killed another one, been a few over the years.
This is the start, lots of water outside so may as well paint some inside as well.

 Snack time it's great sitting here with the heater on but hunger calls, this is dragon fruit wonderful  things, I am very fond of them.

 Some are red inside some white, all good but red is best.

 The beer fairy called me outside to take photos, wonderful light but this is not a storm just crazy light.
 It's about 4pm in the afternoon but very dark with sun shinning in limited areas.

 I has got very dark.

 Then turned bluey pink.
 Settled back to paint but got a visitor, she hits you on the leg for a bit if you ignore her the claws come out.

 Took a few photos to show progress, will show the final painting next time.

 You are ignoring me mum, I don't like that, have you seen such a mean look, the claws are about to come out, my little honey wants a snack and a play so time for a break, that gray thing is my leg.
So it's good night from me and Leeroy .
No story for Words on Wednesday this week writers block has set in.