Monday 30 December 2013

Household chores and things.

Here I am packing away Pidges and Drumsticks food but someone has wandered in and thinks wow this is a big food bowl so she is just helping herself.

Well all finished now, hope you enjoyed your extra feed.
This was so pretty yesterday but I  forgot to take a picture.

I moved the Bar-B-Q for its annual clean, I'm not sure why we have one I don't like barbequed food much but every now and again we might have one.
They are putting the tiles on next door have been since 6am this morning so guess who was woken up at 6am this morning.

They are pretty fast but oh so noisy, one of them was having girlfriend trouble so now I know all about it too.
I cleaning my roof rafters for painting and then we will replace the roof as this one now has holes and a lot of leaf litter at the moment.

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Christmas getting ready and lots of rain

Twis the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stiring  not even a mouse but out in the garden was a different matter, Leroy captured one and Kidney somehow ended up with it then she lost it, so now the mouse is hiding and they are waiting for it to come out, fat chance if I was the mouse I would stay where I was.
I saw it dash up here
but they are staying with the bits of wood.
Anyway it's getting dark so I'm heading inside now, I will leave them to it.
 Well it's now Christmas day my children and their other half's have arrived, my son the one in blue has been here for a about a week and his wife the one wrapped in a blanket arrived last night they are from another state where it is warmer and for some reason we are now having a cold snap after the heat wave and it's pouring rain, the other two live in Sydney so are used to crazy weather.
 This is before our christmas dinner.

 And of course Angus was here too.
 My daughter looking sweet, guess her age.
 Her partner looking amazed
 This is a great picture but I can't turn it round.
 Murder in the kitchen, the beer fair is making oysters kilpatrick everyone else is mucking around
 For dinner we had
King prawns
Long leg crab legs
Oysters kilpatrick
Roast chicken and baked vegs
 Brownies and ice cream and tropical fruit salad
 getting into the christmas spirit.
 Angus is resting he had bits of everyones dinner.
 This lot have discovered some very funny adds

 So now my son is showing them to me.
 very amusing
 This is why we can't have dinner out under the trees lots of rain
 The same thing happened last year.
 wet christmas day, who would have guessed but we need the rain.
So no complaining, hope you all had a great christmas mine was and now I'm very full of lovely food.
Happy new year.

Friday 20 December 2013

A day of heat and exercise and broken car "Charlie"'.

 My friend gave me this fellow for my Japanese Garden but that's been put on hold as Drumstick the chicken ate all the plants and I'm trying to find ones she doesn't like.
He needed a coat or two of sealer because he will be outside but that being done he has come up pretty good.
 This is the sort of day we are having masses of sunshine but it's heating up, we been to Bunnings to buy rapid cement and other things for me and the pet shop to buy Drumstick and Pidges food so we have stopped off at KFC for lunch and off to the sons house for a day of fencing. That's the wooden kind.
We worked for a while and the son needed 4 longer bolts so he took off to get these 4 extra bolts and the beer fairy and I keep cleaning the back yard we he was a long time so I made the comment maybe " Charlie the car has broken down and we would have to walk home".
Well guess what that's what happened.

 So I took some pictures on the walk, his house is only 3 or 4 klms away so that's not so bad and it was now 6pm so not so hot.
 The beer fairy found a hat but I wouldn't let him take it home, you follow a main road for a while on this walkway but there was a gap in the traffic for two seconds.
 You climb up this walkway to the top of the bridge and can see for miles but it's a low sun as it late afternoon by now.
 But it is a bit of a climb.
 Here is the son looking a bit grotty but we all look a bit like that.
 I wouldn't mind this job.
 We also cross the railway line at Clyde and one of the new trains was in so I tried for some pictures,  they look pretty much the same as the old trains just a bit newer.

We were glad to arrive home and a bit tired so dinner was a ham and tomato sandwich.
 We were chatting to the owner of the new house next door he was cleaning up all the offcuts so he asked if we wanted them, we have a fireplace but have stopped using it in winter because it too hard to get the wood, we have the hardwood from my sons old fence and softwood from the house they are building, so warm winter this year, they were using treated pine until a few years ago but have now stopped using it, well it was treated with something to stop white ants and it was not too good for humans, so I told him to just chuck it over the fence I will have enough wood in longer lengths to build a house for Drumstick as he has nowhere to go when it rains.
 Still painting pots
 and these two chairs

 This was Drumsticks little house but it was a dog kennel for M&M when he stayed over but no longer used but Drumstick will not go in there so we think it smells of dog so she doesn't like it, I will show you my effort when done, it might take a while.
 A few pretty flowers to finish up.