Friday 27 March 2020

The twins and mum and dad.

 Tomorrow I should be going to New Zealand but that is not happening because of all the travel restrictions and it is better to stay home as requested by our government. My daughter had some photos of the family done these are very up to date ones they have grown so much. Until things change I will have to do with the photos .

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Internet problems and no trip to NZ

This is Granville our neighbours dog he was away for 2 weeks visiting his parents in Perth, the beer fairy would walk him every evening and sometimes he would spend some of the day in our side yard checking out TomTom they would stay on different sides of the gate and stare at each other.
Must be exciting for both of them.
The garden is doing so well.

Lots of herbs.

And trouble with my internet and home phone all sorted out now but it took about 5 weeks that's why I have been missing for so long.
My poney tail palm grew another middle I knocked the top off a while back while moving it.
everything is going well except the muldberry tree it is very confused  it keeps producing berries because of the changeable weather.

This fellow was having a feed on the rose bushes down the road, wonderful colours.  I was going to New Zealand at the end of March but unable to go now so I won't see the grandchildren for another 6 months so disappointing.