Thursday 26 June 2014

Two days of bitter cold then sunshine

 I've had two days of staying inside, on the computer doing some catch up sewing and a bit of painting and listening to the radio. I must say we have some very strange people running our country, I mean "Abbort the rabbit" has always been a bit odd to me but Palmer is odder still. I am very worried about our country.
 But after two days of cold cold winds and no sun, the winds are coming off snow down south and of course the internet has gone crazy half the people off my blog just disappeared but i think they are all back now so if you haven't heard from me for a few days I sorry but you have been in limbo land according to my blog.
 Today we have lovely sunshine nothing beats winter sunshine.
 Even my cats are thirsty.

 So I'm sitting in the sunshine watching the world go by.
 My maiden hair fern is doing so well, I was told to feed it tea I must say it's working.

 Next year tomatoes or so the beer fairy says I will most likely buy plants but I'm trying this way for a change.

 Everything looks happy to see the sunshine, me too.

 Well hello Drummy where have you been.

 She now has a roof top garden as she has pulled out or eaten most things on her yard.
 Only sugar cane and a maple left, she likes holes and bare dirt.
this was once my oriental garden but all gone now, but we do get lovely eggs, can't have everything.

Monday 23 June 2014

Off to bingo, inside my club.

 This is the jungle inside my club well It's the only one I'm a member of.  Every Monday we go to bingo here,  that's upstairs in a big open area but downstairs there are many jungle areas which I have always been amazed with, there is a river, a waterfall, animals and lots of greenery, some is alive and some is fake it's hard to tell which is which.

 Even a elephant [all the animals are fake].
 and one of these with her chicks, do you think they were playing with the balloon.
 The waterfall is lovely on a summers day.

 But I'm worried about this fish, well they were all very still but it's a cool day and they are not so active when it's cold.

 The roof is clear so on a sunny day it's very nice to be here today is a bit cloudy and cold.

 This is the train station bistro we usually have lunch here but lately they have been doing renovations, it is still operating but not so well so we have been eating elsewhere there are lots of different areas to eat.
It is a gloomy day the lights are on.

Thursday 19 June 2014


We often have toadstools pop up after rain but they are usually dead the next morning or at least that afternoon.
We had rain about 2 or 3 days ago and not a great deal these were up the road from me I've never had these ones in my garden and they have never lasted this long before.

These are more like the ones I get but never in full sun.

Monday 16 June 2014

What are my cats up to and wondering around the garden.

This is Mal she likes to sit on my shoulder when I'm on the computer and check out what I'm looking at.

This must be very interesting she is really paying attention.
Drummy is eating her greens
I have a few flowers in my garden

But they are few

The maple is losing leaves
and even the bogenvillia has stopped flowering.

This one is having a go
and these are colourful
one lone daisy

Hodie is hiding under the ferns

She's a bit shy

The only difference between the twins is this one has one grey leg and the other one two white legs a lot of our visitors think they are the same cat.
The garden next door, well it's a start.
but only a little one
She sometimes has yellow eyes in photos

Kidney is sound asleep
Leroy just dosey.

This is me, my sister and mum it was such a small photo and black and white so I did it in the sepia tones as I have no idea what the colours were, I'm the one in the bonnet.
Well bye from us we are off to raid the kitchen and have a hot drink it's 6c in my place this morning and I'm cold have a warm day noticed she has changed sides.