Sunday 30 December 2012

Christmas, going to the fish market and cleaning the roof

This is my fairy picture it was looking a bit daggy so I gave it  a facelift.

This one was done a couple of months ago.

The beer fairy was busy this last couple of days we needed to trim the trees back they spread over the back of the house and drop leaves on the roof and the rainwater doesn't drain off very well so we get leaks in the house.

With the spring and summer growth you can't see the roof all done now.

I have some new plants after a shopping trip with my son and his wife.

May liked this one.

Joe liked this one

Cleaning our the gutters.

First flowers

This was where we had christmas dinner, it rained the whole day so no eating outside under the trees.

This where we were going to eat but too wet.

Water everywhere.

Angus had a T-bone steak, I will shampoo the mats when he goes home, he enjoyed his christmas dinner.

This is my son and daughter in law in Wentworth Park on the way to the fish market just before christmas we had a all seafood christmas dinner, something a bit different, it was early in the morning, that's Sydney skyline behind them.  

Just some houses around the area to finish up with.

Saturday 22 December 2012

A new pole a gas leak a bit more garden

This what I woke to this morning a nice noisy operation to fix the gas leak but no one is complaining we have been smelling gas for a couple of days, the police and fire brigade were here last night, a lot of standing around talking and not much was done but all fixed now.

My pictures are all in the wrong order so now I'm showing you what i got up to in the garden.  I added red bark to most of the garden where there is a snail problem, they have been feasting on everything the bark dries them out and they move on to somewhere else it worked up the back lets hope it works here. 

It is nice and bright next to the green.

Oh I found my bucket for my wishing well.

This is a solar light my friend gave me for christmas, he is very cute. 

This is the only wild part left now.

Here we have the workman from the electricity co fixing the pole out the front it had termites in it.

I took some photos out the window of their cranes.

The cats are getting into the christmas spirit well kidney is.

Leroy just likes sleeping

Back to the workmen.

Two cranes to fix one pole.

Close the road off it was nice and quiet for a while.

By lunchtime the new pole was in the ground and they had packed up and left what we did not know was they cracked a gas pipe in the operation but soon found out from the smell so the guy next door rang the police and it was a long process to get it fixed but the lady on the other side of us was cut off when they fixed the leak talk about a comedy of errors but all ok now, I think..

Monday 17 December 2012

After the rain and a few paintings

Today was a very hot day with a shower this afternoon I was trying to capture the light after the rain was over and the sun came out it was super bright and very beautiful, I'm new to cameras so I'm not too good but this is my best effort.This is a bit blurry.

I think this captures some of the colour and brightness.

This is our little stray who has moved in she or he won't let anyone to close but is slowly becoming more friendly.,

Oh we don't like rain but the table is a good place to shelter under.

I took some pictures of my paintings too, a bit of reflection in this one.

my ducks .

Still the one I like the best.

my daughter when she was much younger.
I'm doing something wrong there is a lot of reflections.

This is my latest one it is for a friend who is moving to the beach and wanted
 a painting of the sea in his living room, I told him he was getting
 an original Turner only the wrong Turner.