Tuesday 23 January 2018

A post you do when not doing a post.

No pictures nothing at all I've been sick. I was going to do lots in my garden and show you but nothing happened.
I fiddled with my phone and computer for a few days but they both said enough is enough and broke down but I changed the power point for the router but I do have a few pictures coming up maybe in a day or two.also the weather has been so hot all you want to do is lay around and read, I'm reading a book I've read before so maybe I will throw it out as this happens a lot as I get older.

Sunday 21 January 2018

hot summers day and water.

Never put anything on the table at home maybe she was hot and cooling off in the ocean.
Talk about cooling off the twins now have a water table not as dangerous as a swimming pool but lots of fun also the lawn and garden gets a bit of water along with the people, here are some photos to enjoy.

Angus said enough is enough I'm sitting on the lounge where it's dry.
Clemmy just wants to give him a cuddle.

Well time to dry off now, bye for now see you next time.