Saturday 27 May 2017

A visit from the wee ones, and a wonder around my garden.

This was last weekend, it's mother day tomorrow mum is having some time off from the bubs they are sitting in my back yard with daddy and pop alis the beer fairy.............I'm starting a 5 week break the other nanny is over from NZ so she is taking over and spending some time with the twins so I will have more time for the blog as I usually leave my computer at home.  

Here is daddy and his daughter just cold enough for warm clothes but still sunny.
The beer fairy and his grandson, oh will he have fun pulling pops beard.

 This house was for sale up the road and round the corner it would be wonderful for the twins and family unfortunately no one won lotto so it is not to be, but it was on a main road any way not so good.

 happy little honey here.

 The worries of the world are on this chapie shoulders or you would think so.

 Back to happy
 But really I think she just likes having her photo taken.
 Always a grin
 Here is a pensive one
 No no more we would like a rest now

 Even the little lady looks a bit sad now.
 All dressed up in my formal atire
 now that packet looks interesting
 she is not into sharing

 I knew I would get it in the end, only nothing in it granny ate all the biscuits, she does't leave any for me.
This morning it was nice just to wonder around the garden
Kidney and I did the grand tour, lots to do. A

A roll and stretch in the sun wish I was a cat it looked most enjoyable.

Nice to get out into the garden it is very neglected and untidy
leaves everywhere

the pond is empty and choked with leaves
spiders have webs everywhere

 But a dead rat didn't expect that

 I have a few limes

 and a few lemons just took them inside
 Still nice to sit outside but the days are getting cooler next week is the start of winter
Best start somewhere, but it is nice to sit in the sun there is always tomorrow

Thursday 11 May 2017

It's getting cold now,,,,,,,

The only picture I had of our day out at the Royal National Park, I know I took more but I must have erased them or something.
On the weekends when I'm home I've been cutting back my garden, a lot of the front garden has become overgrown with all the rain we have had in the last couple of months.
My front steps
and the front wall is now visible, cutting the garden back should help with the mould problems I've been having. The rest of the week was spent at my daughters house with the twins.
There a bear in there
And a chair as well
It was so cold and these two wanted to sit outside they like outside time everyday, I must admit even in the cold I like the fresh air too.
And you do get wonderful pictures,

On Thursdays it's lunch out at a cafe, Clemy sat in the high chair today Wilbur just stayed asleep in the pram, she liked the traffic, not all that interesting to us but when you are only 6 months old everything is new and exciting.

She evan munched on a bit of my toast crust,
On the way home we played at the park, first time on the swing alone.
And the roundabout
On the swing with mum