Monday, 25 November 2019

Cleaning up the back yard and the fallout from the bush fires

The chain saw is working well the little electric one is working and the shreadder.
 It's been a busy couple of weeks and staying inside a lot more as the air outside is not the best at the moment.

This is the branch very much in the way you have to duck to get under it .

Also a lot of growth has stoped the sun
but this fellow was very much in the way so he had to go



almost gone

We have a gap now for the sun to shine through
We have also had many bush fires up the coast but the smoke has been invading Sydney
Usually you can see the blocks of flats at Auburn and the cranes but all wiped out by the smoke.
This tree out the front has just died  maybe old age it's been here for a long time so it was cut down too

This is my driveway  lots of work to shred it all
But this was the reflections from the skies from the bush fires
It only lasted for a few hours
But I was surprised as we are some distance away from the actual fires.

The sun was a big red ball

As it set behind my house