Friday 24 February 2017

Just the twins chilling out

Watching tv

You can tell he is thinking, How old is carol king that is not what he is thinking it's the beer fairy lately all he wants to know is how old everyone is always end up with I wonder if they are still alive.
Wilbur is saying something but his sister is not buying it.
She is just so cute and very serious

Where he never stops moving and laughing

These balls are good taste wonderful.

Well that's a smile.

She is giving him that look again.

Most of his pictures are a bit fuzzy the hands and legs never stop.

Secrets being told here.

Angus is on guard he likes to sit near and look like he is ignoring them

Wednesday 22 February 2017

My new stove.

Today my new stove was delivered and installed,  this morning very early.  I can now cook roast dinners and cakes  I haven't had a oven for a long time.
We had party pies for lunch they are no good done in the microwave.   
 It's so clean wonder how long that will last.

 The flat top should be easier to keep clean

Well bye for now, I'm home this week so will be able to catch up on reading all the blogs more baby pictures coming up in a day or two.

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Off to look after the twins.............

Well last week was a bit slow, I managed to paint my birds in and buy a new pair of thongs the feet kind not the other ones.
Next week I will be missing, off to help look after the twins, their other granny is going back to NZ tomorrow.

They were very expensive $2  the ones in Kmart were $10 and they didn't have fake diamonds on them.

Friday 3 February 2017

All about the birds.

Since I've been back home I've been sick still not 100% but getting better, had a bad dose of flu, didn't have a flu shot last year will not make that mistake again, flu in winter is bad enough but in a super hot summer it's not fun at all.
We have this year been invaded by birds, this summer many more than we usually get.  

 Not in our garden but we have cats, but I suspect my neighbour has been feeding them.

They like to sit on this fence as if waiting there were 10 in this little space yesterday but today only 3 today, .  

 A dislodged nest from my tree, I hope it's not my wrens nest they come back every year.
 I've done some painting will put birds in, only these will be sea gulls.

 They are out the front too but slowly moving on only half as many as when I arrived home.