Wednesday 31 October 2012

The week in cats.

You  have been spending to much time on the jigsaw I do not aprove, if I  sleep on it, it will go away.

What are  you doing it must be time for dinner by now.

I saw a mouse around here somewhere where did he go.

I'm a fashion cat so slim you can't see me behind this large leaf.

If I ignore you, you will go away.  

Night time stalking.

Thanks for dinner I would like to sleep now.

To finish  some roses from my garden.

Friday 26 October 2012

My week in pictures with a few words.

This poor old car has been sitting in our driveway since the beer fairy had his heart attack, he no longer wants to drive.

I do brush the leaves off  every now and then.

This little old arab (I can't remember his name let alone spell it) asked that we keep the car for him to buy so we did but had almost given up on him coming back but he turned up on Tuesday and they worked it out between them.  Here they are waiting for the tow truck.

The mess left behind, guess who gets to clean that up.

I worked on our painting  it is getting better slowly.

Worked on the jigsaw, Andy helped a lot Shara helped too, and the beer fairy added the last bit, which had fallen on the floor.

I picked some lavender for my toilet.

This little watering can was to have lavender in it but it leaks a lot so now has fake rose buds and is in the bathroom.

It's with the fake lavender.

My roses are all coming out now

The first flower on the privot 

This was a leaky old paint tin I painted it blue and added a wallpaper strip.

I painted and repaired my small birdcage and hung it in the tree to dry.

and cleaned out the birdbath.
It was a busy week.

Monday 22 October 2012


This little lady sits in my office where I  paint and sew and spend a fair bit of time.

She has lots of friends to keep her company when I'm not there.

The dolls belonged to my daughter.

I guess they are all getting old they need glasses these days.

These three all are wearing new clothes this year.

Here they are all together.

I also have a collection of little houses.

A church.

More little houses.

A few garden pictures, I knew you would miss them.

This was the flower I showed you last week but now it is fully out.

I have started doing a jigsaw this is about 10days worth. 

This little fellow has moved in with us, we are not allowed to get to close yet.

Friday 19 October 2012

A day playing in the garden.

This is a sweet little bird cage that lives in my garden but it need a clean and a new paint job.

Angus and M&M came for a play date, the beer fairy & son went off to play golf, Angus was on his weekly visit so M&M came over to keep him company. 

I followed them around to take photos but they were too fast for me, this is my clothes line area, great afternoon son not much in the morning. 

Still getting away from me.

Got you

This needs a clean out too.

My daughter bought this for me, the birds are fake I don't like birds in cages, sometimes the wild birds come to visit.

This lunch and morning tea area, the rubber mats are there so we don't sink in the ground, I will add pebbles when finished.

The grape vine is starting to shoot.

I like these flowers they are so different.