Sunday, 27 April 2014

ANZAC day and some garden work.

Friday was our Anzac day, [Australian & New Zealand Army Corps].
Here is my dad, he sent this to my mum in the war, she wrote to him all through the war but they didn't meet until after it was all over.

My little deck that my table stands on has fallen apart so I'm replacing it with peebles' Drummy always helps well she is company in the garden and eats all the bugs that are hiding under things.

This is my first idea not enough pebbles.

 I finally got a shot of Mal and me on the computer.
Something happened outside, she is such a busybody, see those claws she is letting me know she is looking at something.
 I spent today cleaning up the garden and putting everything back together.

 It getting dark early now, it's only 4.30pm and the camera is using a flash but it's been a dull day and we are getting a few drops of rain so time to go inside.

 Leroy has the right idea sleeping on three cushions, super comfortable
 This was my mum and dad just after the war before they were married.
And Drumstick has gone to bed behind the red gate so time to go and cook dinner, we are having steak and vegs.

Friday, 25 April 2014

A day in Auburn gardens with the Nz's

My daughter's partner parents are over from NZ they came out to spend the day with us, so we went to the Auburn Gardens for a wonder around the weather is like summer today 29C and the sun is shinning a pretty good way to spend the day.
The wee roo's are shy today not wanting to leave this log.
They are cute fellows.
They have a open air theatre this is the stage of course you all know this fellow not sure what you call this he thinks it's some sort of dance.
Now that's a dropped chest if ever I seen one.
These two are holding up the tree, look at that water they must put something in it to come up that colour, I never seen water that colour.

The trees have grown since I was last here.
And this is a termite mound, I think.

More strange water

I told him to stand next to this plant and show how big it is, of course we did a silly pose he just can't help himself.
This guy was wondering around but not that friendly.
There is a babbling brook.
and a garden of lovely smells and herbs.
reflection pool
These fellows were the star of the show
I only saw two peacocks but being school holidays maybe they were in a protected area, as they can be hostile towards children as they like to pat and peacocks don't really like that.
These guys just wondered around honking in a large group.

When we got to close they marched off in single file, they all had to duck to go under the rope, this is the lucky last one.
The peacocks were not friendly not like when it's mating season in spring.

Mal was sitting with her paws on my shoulder checking out the screen but moved as I reached for the camera, she got a urgent urge to clean her foot so I just missed the picture.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A few days in the sunshine, strange characters in the shopping centre and lots of work.

I love Autumn sunshine, we had a great week warm sunshine with cool mornings.
It's just about right and easy to do some cleaning up after all the rain.
This is my new path.
And many broms need repotting.
This is a bit blurry but I like the sun and shade but for some reason I'm not too good at taking these photos but this is the garden in morning light.

In Drumsticks sleeping area there is a lilly but it must taste mighty good because she likes to eat it so it's protected, when it gets older maybe it will not taste so good.
My gift from from the visiting Kiwies who here for dinner a couple of blogs back lovely colour but it's up on the table because it might be tasty too.
The front needs a tidy up too , Kidney is waiting for me to do things so far  all I've done is sit in the sun and think but I do have my garden scrap bin ready.
It's a bit of a jungle.

The fence is disappearing, well that ok it needs a paint.

Most things are going very well

 Yesterday I  had to go shopping so did everyone else, it's school holidays so there was a show in Westfields. Now Rocky and Bullwinkle were my favourite cartoon as a child and we have the new show Mr Peabody and his boy Sherman in the movies so they were in a exercise and dance session so I took a few pictures.

 But this girl in red just did not approve of my taking photos is that not a disapproving look.
 The house on the corner has all the framework up for the second story, glad I have many trees, I like my back yard to be private you never know we might start sun baking in the nude.

And next door is all finished now, just finishing the driveway and the front footpath, this was happening at 7am this morning and all finished by 9am but by then I was wide awake, but I knew they were coming so I went to bed very early last night.