Monday 25 June 2018

Winter sun

Isn't this wonderful  look at that sunshine, winter sun is wonderful but it didn't last very long just one day since then it has been raining or cold but we do need the rain so sharn't winge.
This is morning tea spot.
After cleaning up I need a cuppa.

lovely  lovely sun
Next door trees are growing

But my path  is falling apart wood rot has taken its toll will have to replace it maybe with stone. 
Here it is fine the drainage must be better here.

Friday 15 June 2018

The Rocks

Once a fortnight my mate Barbara and I go on a outing to a place we haven't been to or somewhere we have so  been to for some time so today we are going to The Rocks. This is our Opera House on a very grey day.

And the smallest Ambulance I have ever seen.

Our bridge peeking out behind a tri coloured building.

Lots of different looking buildings The Rocks is a very old  area.
The even have a dinosoure ( I wish I  could spell)
The photo centre we are not a family

but Babs is a solider

and I am a convict

If you get tired they provide a chair

This cafe grows herbs and vegs out the front  what a good idea.

A stylish yellow jacket, I can see the beer fair in that.

They do ghost tours of the area so it must be haunted.

The old and the new

We watched a rock candy shop make the lollies they sell

Visited this art.galley amazing pictures but not allowed to take photos.

Interesting tree.
They weather has improved.
And afternoon tea watching the boats and the people walking by.

Friday 8 June 2018

Winter here at last.

Well winter is here the loungeroom looks very gloomy.
So I started a jigsaw puzzle, I told the beer fairy 3 weeks to finish it, this is after 4 days it is slow going but with a hot cup of coffee and the fire or heater on it quite pleasant sitting here looking for bits that fit.
A day out in Parramatta paying bills and checking out the shops here I am sitting on the bus stop watching the cranes moving stuff around lets hope they don't drop anything it has been known to happen.
Almost two weeks now moving along.

Now sitting on Granville train station watching the cranes again about 8 months ago these buildings were not here but Sydney is a hive of activity,  developers have gone crazy,  big money is to be made here now. I have lived in Granville for a long time nothing much happened for about 20 years but in the last few years so many new buildings have gone up mainly all units selling off the plan in a lot of cases ok if the developer doesn't go broke it has been known to happen.
Talking of selling my daughters house was sold last Saturday, the house looked lovely,  freshly painted all minor repairs done and staged with lovely furniture but it was a bit alien to me I more familuar with the laughter of the twins and sometimes crying, toys all over the floor and the distinct smell of my furry friend who is staying with me until they buy a house in NZ. 
The back yard is much improved as Angus often dug  holes and grass had no chance to grow.

It is the sweetest little house, pictures are a bit odd because I took photos from the advertising as there were lots of people at the auction.
Well look at that I 'm finished it only took 2and a bit weeks.
 I filled my pond up well half of it

 All my trees that are not evergreen are stripped of their leaves

 and leaves everywhere these fell last night I  cleaned the leaves yesterday morning.
 My maple is just sticks.

Thats it for now I was going to show you a picture of Angus but he is fast asleep under my bed so next time.