Monday 27 January 2020

Lost a tree in a big storm

We had a big storm yesterday I was watching the rain feeling very happy about it when the tree down the side the one we sit under on hot hot days slowly fell over I was so amazed you expect a crash when a tree goes but this went silent and in slow motion very gently no damage done to our place or the place next door but a lot of tree to cut up and mulch and when the storm passed it was super hot and humid not fun to cut and much in that weather.This was how it looked a few days ago a great place for coffee and watching the world go by,  cool and shady, not so now.

The tree was growing through the concrete amazing really we had cut it back a few years back but it reshot and was looking healthy .

 The Beer fairy was up on the next door neighbours roof chopping back branches then the trusty chain saw did the rest.

 This is the tree stump it had grown up through the concrete and over the top I want to make something out of it but so far nothing comes to mind.

The drive way is a bit of a mess but will mulch it all in the next day or two.

Friday 17 January 2020

A long hot summer but the rains have come at last.

This is my front side garden  usually a mass of flowers but after the big dry this summer most are not flowering and some are dead now nothing much kills geraniums but this summer has been very very hot. I took these photos a week or ago before the rains hit.
Striped wandering dew another very hardy plant, but dying off in the heat.

The ends of leaves are burning off in the heat.

 But the rains have come most of the bush fires have been controlled lots of damage to homes and the bush not to mention the loss of wildlife.
 Most things have burnt ends but the green is starting to come back.
 and I have puddles in the back yard
 These are all pots so I moved them all under cover and watered when allowed so they have not suffered much damage

 Even the herbs are picking up

 This is moth vine it is not the prettiest thing but it was green and usually I pull it out but when it is all you have that is green you leave it there.