Saturday 18 March 2017

Lots of rain and a sunny break in the garden.

Pidge is collecting sticks and building a nest could he be a she now if he lays a egg I will be amazed.
Maybe he is building a home for his old age
This little fellow visits, my cats don't mind too much.

They are happy to see odd cats but don't come around to much.
The sun is out for a bit

Someone broke my bird bath

Guess I will fix it tomorrow.

The stray and kidney are ignoring each other.

We have had 3weeks of rain and this thing has just gone mad,  I've been chopping it down all morning and still lots to go.

More rain on the way, the birds are still here, some one is feeding them, we have a mad cat and bird lady up the road maybe she is the feeder.
So much growth everything is so green.
Leeroy wants things moved off her tables she into sleeping on tables lately.

More fruit on the monsterio [how do you spell it] this time I will bring inside to ripen a rat ate the last ones.
More birds in the tree.

and on the back shed

A fair bit of pruning back lots of growth.
Still a nice place to sit and think.

Saturday 11 March 2017

Last two weeks.

It's been two weeks since I last posted anything weekends are spent catching up at home the rest of the week with the babies it gets busy sometimes.

The cleaner in bits and pieces all filtered cleaned and dried maybe it will work better now.

Washing out for the first time in a week.

It's getting dark time to go inside.

This thing has had the sausage it filled with rain and now is all out of shape. it needs a stronger frame.
The back garden is just a mass of 4oclocks.

Kidney is stalking something.

 Uncle T was over from NZ for a wedding so he came around to visit his new niece and nephew.

 Love the old houses around here, some are a bit run down but most are well cared for and looking good.

 The gardens extend onto the street in some areas.
 Frogs all in a row
 Now babies, outside watching the wind move the leaves she looks a bit worried.
 The hat keeps the sun off and is just so cute.
 We are a bit sad today
 Here is the big boy in his hat
 Having a meal of fingers

 Nothing beats a nap in the fresh air.
 It's bye from us.