Thursday 25 April 2013

Wonderful days for Autumn

The days have been pretty good this week, warm days not too hot and little humidity, cool nights so it is nice to climb into a warm bed and drift off to sleep.

This sweet little fellow is ceramic.

This one is the real thing but he pinching Pidge's food and could find the way out, he worked it out in time. 

All the cats are out and about enjoying the mild weather.  This is Kidney.

And Hodini.

And Leroy

New little plants are popping up everywhere, hope the winter is not too cold or they will all die.

Here is Snots just getting up for the day

The front yard is starting to look tidy but a bit bare.

Time for breakfast look where I find my glasses if I leave them lying around the beer fairy hides them.

This is breakfast and I'm starving.

I mustn't forget my tablets for my sore foot.

and this poor little girl has lost her head

All fixed now.

My sons car now sites out the front of our place, no overhanging trees to make it dirty, this is the Sydney car. 

This is me wondering what I will have for dinner or  lunch I call it dinner the rest of the world calls it lunch.

I worked hard I have done two loads of washing.

Pidge wanted his picture taken too.

And Leroy.

From a few different angles, she wasn't sure which was her best side.

This is our winter outside seating the sun just popped behind a cloud for a second or two.

Just a few garden pictures.

The winter vegie garden all ready to be planted well almost.

Time for lunch tomato and peanut butter on toast and coffee, well I like it.

Sunday 21 April 2013

Cleaning up the jungle

Look at that I can see my front gate, my plumbago was so overgrown you had to fight your way up to the front door. Kidney and Leroy  are giving me a hand to clean out the front garden wonder how long that will last. This summer has been very wet and everything has grown like crazy but it's been to hot to do much out here. 

As you can see greenery everywhere, there was a empty space in there somewhere and a chair. 

I started on this side last week so there is a bit of space in the middle.

It's a great day today mild but warm sunshine and a nice breeze.

Well must get started.

I have chopped away lots of greenery. 

A lot of dead stuff under the greenery.

This is the pile I've cut off. 
And look I've found the chair

Well it's after lunch,  the beer fairy did that, it was kids spaghetti bolognaise on toast, he is doing tea tonight I hope thats better he is making kafter balls with vegs, he is pretty good at that.

look you can see some wall.

and some ground, there was some red bark here but all broken down now. 

This is snotts she is our little stray, you can't get too near her or pat her, I never had a cat I couldn't win over she has lived with us for about 6months and is still very wary so I think she or he we don't know what, was badly treated by someone and she doesn't trust people but she comes when I call and is healthy looking now, she was not looking too good when she first moved in.  

She has an area on the front porch where she sleeps an eats but I often wake up and she is sitting in my bedroom window waiting for me to get up.

Easier to get and down the front steps now but not as pretty.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

A night out and toadstools in the garden.

My son and daughter in law took us out for a lovely meal in a pretty posh Italian restaurant in Parramatta  it was very popular and the food was very good. Here we have the beer fairy chatting up the waitress he must still have it because we were given free shots of a lemon Italian liqueur no one else got these, not the best picture of him under the strong lights and they were very hot too.

My daughter in law  we were all well fed and happy by the time we had finished. 

Here's me and my son we both have the same forehead but I had the sense to grow a fringe but he is in his 40's now so growing hair is not an option.

But no real wrinkles he is still looking young. 

These were growing in a tree stump in the back garden, they only lasted a day we often get them after rain but it hadn't rained for about a week when I took this photo, so it was unusual to see them. 

Everything is still green and happy in the garden.

But winter is coming.

You can see it in the sky.

Pidge comes home earlier.

or doesn't go out flying at all.

This little fellow is still happy but a bit grotty these days.

I found some more of the little fellows under a tree.

The twins are waving good bye to mum and dad, they left on a plane back to their home in QLD this morning.