Monday, 20 April 2020

Living in Lockdown and potting in the garden.

Today I am having a bit of a rave about c19 everyone else is talking about it non stop it kills old people everything kills old people we are all on our last legs and we know it why they want to go on cruises with a lot of other old people I am at a loss maybe it is expected and everyone says go on a trip spend your money before you die. I've been on a few trips enjoyed them but that was a while back when i had more energy now it is a bit of a effort to wander over to Woolies and carry the shopping home but I'm still doing it,  good exercise.
I was listening to the radio this morning Allan Jones of all people it was his turn I change it every few days to get a variety of music and different opinions, normally he is ranting and raving about things that matter to him but today he made sense. He didn't last long the next day it was about how good he was so back to ABC radio. Anyway given up in watching the news on tele just get radio reports now.

I will be glad when everything is back to normal again am missing visits to the shops and usually catch up with my mate Barbara most weeks everything is out of the question but buying food and supplies and a walk around the block.

Bow peep who now lives on a farm 5 hours down south of Sydney had to get a day pass to travel up to Sydney, you need to explain where you are going and why and are only allowed to go if it is considered you have a valid reason, but I guess it is all for the best.

It was a dropping week last week first this pot but I do like it so glued it back together  looks ok from one side but the other side is a bit rough  so that side will face the wall.

See what I mean.

One of the fairy houses needed a new roof paddle pop sticks did the job, and a new paint job.
The other one just a paint job on it's roof it's a log of wood so no real damage ever happens to it.
A rearrange in the fairy garden and a general tidy up.

the asian garden is very small these days a few breakages over the years.
My fairies are just to big for the houses I will have to make a bigger one I will let you know how I go with that .

A bit of sun in the side garden

and the boss was here to over see any gardening.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Just passing time......

Well I run out of things to talk about  I have not dune much in the garden but weeding and tiding up but I have been painting a bit but only finished off the two top ones  no shopping no visits or visitors but staying home and it's not all that easy on the internet lately everything is much slower i started to paint my window frames but we had afternoon showers a lot lately so thats come to a standstill to but I  did name all my pictures this one is "Watching the Birds".

Cosy Toes
 Jungle home
 Angry birds
 Not so angry birds
 Union Meeting
 Flying low
 Off for a swim
 Lunch if only I could catch it
 The three Rouges
 Talking to a crab
 Just waves
Angus waiting for me to catch