Tuesday 27 November 2012

Chrismas Decorationsand other bits.

This is the santa fairy, it's really the beer fairy with a different hat. 

The Christmas Tree, I had this one for about 6 years now the other one I had for most of my life but so much had fallen off it IT had to be replaced, it was sad to say goodbye. 

Odd christmas decorations I  picked up over the years.

Our stockings to fill up we only have little ones.

Just odd pictures of my china cabnet with no china in it.

My table.

This is the mail centre where everyone collects their mail.

The cat lounge only they never sit on it.

I like this painting nobody else does.

I also like yellow roses but my rose bush does like to make too many flowers so fake ones are needed.

The dragon moves around.

THis is my in box as you can see I'm right up to date.

It's a bit overcast today, yesterday was very sunny but it is nice to be a bit cooler. 

This is my dollhouse, I made it for my daughter when she was little, I am not the best builder as you can see there is no way to get from the ground floor  to the first floor and one of the doors fell off. 

These are vegetables boxes with their lid covered in pretty paper good for storage.

Saturday 24 November 2012

Last week in the garden.

This is our new cat I think, I learnt her history the other day from our neighbours.  They gave her to a friend of theirs and they moved away and didn't take the cat so she returned to her former home but they now have dogs so she moved in with us, she is the black and white one, I am happy to have her. 

This little fellow wanted to move it with us too but I do draw the line somewhere, the beer fairy put him in a tree out the front, if he knows whats good for him he will move on. 

Kidney is just testing to see the food is not bad, it wasn't her dinner it was the other cats. 

It was a pretty good day today under the trees.

These two look pretty relaxed.

I painted my little birdbath, it freshens it up for summer.

This is doing well we have had some zacinnies off it so far.( you know those long green things I can't spell it)

The corn has ears and the tomatos are producing little green balls.

And this is a strange little pea of some sort. 

The rest of the garden is all going ahead.

This is my climbing yellow rose, I had 4 flowers this year so far.

The lemon tree produced many flowers then they all fell off and nothing so far.(it's days are numbered)

Leeroy strolled out looking for food.

Pity she was a bit late they left her nothing she will have to wait for tea, my cats only get three or four meals a day. 

I think I will have a nap.

Friday 16 November 2012

Walking to Auburn on a rainy day

This is my house I'm leaving it about 11am there is a break in the rain so lets walk. 

This little house is next door it's two very small houses, in the yellow house on the right lives a single lady in her 40's.  In the pink house is a single man in his 40's (it was painted pink before he bought it) he is not good with painting as you can see from the gate.  

I walked down this side street till I came to the walking track by Duck creek.

These trees have interesting trunks.

They have only been planted on one side of the street, see the two story pink cubby house.

The walking track has a fair bit of trees and bush around it.

This is Duck Creek usually there is ducks must be too wet today.

Not too far to the houses in places.

More creek this was taken from the bridge. 

Just walking along the road.

More tree bark, these trees smell great when it rains you can't beat the smell of australian gum tree.

This is the walking track so it's easy going.

It's just starting to rain again so I will wait until the bus comes now, hope it's soon. Well that was my walk to Auburn well half way I will take you the other half on a sunny day.