Tuesday 25 September 2012

Leeroy Kidney & M&M playing in the new garden.lEE

Leeroy checking out the top garden.

This is very pretty when in flower I not sure what it is called.

This is my wren house I had to replace the roof as it had fallen off and decayed. 

A few new mushrooms and turt.

This is chocolate mint I have never seen it before I will try it in drinks in summer.

3 new plants

M&M looking cute

more mushies and turtle.

I need a light  or candle at night.

Kidney watching everyone she is a born boss not a worker.

M&M sleeping box when he stays at my place we added a front deck he just got it too messy.

A new pinwheel daisy

The boss has given the ok.

Lets fight over the bucket.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

The new top garden is taking shape

This part is going to be herbs I have planted a few but mainly in pots at this stage but I put down some red bark to define the areas and give the borders to the gardens.

This area was a lot of wandering jew and weeds and wood stacked up in the corner.

These edging tiles  were here when we bought the house there was only a few but they just hold the dirt back so I could just add a  layer of topsoil to improve the herb garden. 

The little barrow was a gift from my son he made it out of fence posts and I painted daisies on it.

The jasmine is in full flower and smells great but not good for hay fever.


I was trying to take a picture of M&M  but he left so I took the china bells instead, I took these with the computer camera  and it's a bit slow.

If I put all my pot plants around the cats don't dig out the new plants and they get a chance to grow. 

Thursday 13 September 2012

The camera died

I was in the middle of taking photos the other day and the camera died so this is the last one I took.

The second last Angus is not much of a foot stool he just wanders off when he has had enough.

This funny little man lives in my garden most of the time when the weather is nice, he is not allowed to smoke in the house.

Well as I have no new photos these are old ones this is a painting of my mum my sister and I in Hyde Park in 1952 it is only half finished but will add a finished one when I  get a new camera.

This a friend of mine who asked me to do a wedding painting as she didn't have one  I do like doing people but I am still  learning, I wonder if you can guess who it is. 

This is Susy I tried with eyes closed but it looked wrong so it changed it.

With eyes open I think she looks younger.

This is the beginning of my wedding painting it's not finished yet, the beer fairy has changed a bit then so have I.

M&M and I  will say bye bye now.

because its time to go  new clock for my bathroom so we are not to long in the shower and never late again.

Sunday 9 September 2012

Augus AND M&M play date

M&M stands by the fridge when it's dinnertime or he thinks it's time for a snack.

It's a bit of a stand off.

OK lets be friends, both tails are up and wagging.

Wednesday 5 September 2012


This is my little houseguest for a month while his owners are in America .

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