Sunday 30 August 2015

2nd last day of winter

 A very pleasant winters day warm and sunny with a very light breeze blowing so all day spent in the back yard in the pockets of sun.

 Just a check out, out the front to see what's happening in the local area, not much but thats fine by me.
 Must be preening time both my birds are doing it.

 The pond has water in it this is rainwater, we had a real downpour the other night, I got to empty this as it full of leaves and sticks.
 Pidge always chews the beer fairy can't reach me my arms are just too short.
 Look at that sun very nice

 We must tackle this tree, it is going to fall over one day

 More sun
I was painting my garden boxes but Drummy has a thing about paint she likes to eat it so I've given up for today will come back and finish when she is down the front, she likes glue too, never do it outside now as last time she nearly ended up with her beak glued together.
 Lovely lillies
 and herbs
 Jasmine is out wonderful smell if you don't have hay fever, my son hates the stuff.

 The beer fairy doing Rocky, do you think Rocky will be impressed
 Now chatting to the neighbours

 Wondered around the front as I've started to clean up the garden for summer, this one would like to be fed, I'm getting the stare, it's a bit early but why not I often get hungry early.

 These two are quite chubby but it has been a very cold winter.
 Found a chair in the front yard when I cut all the plumbago back, one of my neighbours wondered past and stopped for a chat he said finding a chair is fine as long as there are no stray bodies in it.
 My tiny rose has very few leaves needs a good feed.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

A rainy day spent painting.

Yesterday I had a cold and it rained all day so no Bingo, just not well enough to go but it's a free day to do as I like so I spent the day painting listening to the rain not a bad way to spend the day.
Here is the process not sure it right yet, open to ideas.

 The house was so dark I took the painting outside to photo, pretty much finished but you never know, the ginger cat and the black cat are ok but the beer fairy said he thought the grey one was dead, I said only sleeping.
 The sun was out for a few minutes so this is a special effects one.

Sunday 23 August 2015

Lots of rubbish.

Well this week has been quiet no social events, oh we had Kerry for lunch on Tuesday but I forgot to take photos and we went to visit a friend who is going into a nursing home and collected some of her pot plants as she is selling her home but Barbara covered that in her blog.
Time this week to organise rubbish as we are having a clean up coming up on Monday I have half a shed a window cover and a old case the cats piddled on, I have no idea if the will take the shed but often the scrap metal dealers drive around and collect all the metal so everyone is happy so you will get a picture of my rubbish I'm sure will enjoy that.
Do your neighbours give you things ours own a catering business and often have excess they bring it home this week there was a fair bit we had some chicken sticks, pasta sauce, potato bake and a very nice cakie  thing that I really liked. Bo Peep always brings coffee when he comes he has very strong coffee and I have very weak and the beer fairy doesn't touch the stuff so I was always running out but he is in NZ this weekend so we will not see him. He went to his farm a couple of weeks back and he has 3 new baby lambs .

Night time photo of the fairy garden they never sleep always sitting on the log discussing world events.

My hurricane lamp it's hung there for so long not many hurricanes around here.

The two blue birds have joined in now.

 I was thinking of a nap but who can disturb this little darling, we like the middle of the bed.
 Maybe this one, no to many pillows to put back.
 no nap will just wonder around, have I ever shown you my bathroom, it will be redone in the next couple of years no bath just a large shower
 I bought these blue boxes to hold all the bits and bobs, the other day.
 I'm the little one in white with the grumpy face.
 This is Mal hoping for a second breakfast but that's not happening.
 Maybe I should sit out here and watch the traffic go by, well the pile of rubbish has gone it was half a shed we had years ago and a scrap metal guy just loaded it onto his truck so no picture they were just to quick.

Tuesday 18 August 2015

A family get together and a bit of confusion.

Well it was a busy week not to many pictures but lots of activities. We had a family get together the beer fairy nieces were over from Perth well one was  but I got the date mixed up and went on the wrong day so we went twice, it will take a while to live that one down.  It was held in a very old pub in the inner city area so we caught the train to Petersham or tried to but there was track work and they were running buses so Sydney's traffic in that area is horrible anytime but on the weekends it's snail pace so that took forever, we arrived one hour late so when we didn't find them we were worried we might have missed them but the beer fairy spied his niece but he was very wrong but didn't find out till he had given her a big cuddle, she was a complete stranger but we all had a good laugh and a drink together.  Still no family, so I rang my daughter she told me it was tomorrow, but she just lives down the road so they picked us up and took us home, we had those assemble them yourself hamburgers at Macdonalds they were pretty good but not cheap.
On Sunday we got a lift with Bo Peep as he had his Sunday work cancelled and was heading home and went close to the meeting place all was ok this time. Only thing  this place had live music and being a bit deaf I could hear much  but it was good to see everyone again.
My daughter and I walked home to her place and the beer fairy stayed on for a while longer, I had Bingo the next day all together it was 4 days out,

 The beer fairy looking pretty well almost.
 Lovely flowers do you know what they are.
 The niece from Perth.
one after the other that's a lot for me, so I been off the computer for a while lots of catching up to do.     ..
We cut down the tree in our driveway as it was growing in cement and was dying.
Now I can repaint my window as it needs it.
This is all that was left it was not too big .
but the bin was full.
Drummy was missing the other day and I was worried someone had grabbed her but there was a paling down in the front fence and she spent half the day in the front garden de-snailing just wondered up after lunch.

My front garden is very overgrown and she loves it .
Our street lights have been on half the day and often off at night.

My ginger harvest.
My friends new hairstyle, I think she looks pretty good and much cooler for summer.