Thursday 26 November 2015

A afternoon in the sunshine.

Today is a lovely day warm but not to hot so we are all outside enjoying the last of spring before the heat hits later in the week.

The trees are thick with leaves so plenty of shade.

The beer fairy likes to check out all the christmas catalogs see if he can find a bargain, never does.
Drummy is sick of talking to him he not listening so she is off.

The deck is 6 pallets now .

The bar fridge was defrosted, it needs it once a year.

And I washed our carpet squares out, the deck is a good place to dry them.

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Angus is visiting and we are building a deck.


Angus is visiting for a week as his people are in NZ visiting family.
Nap time for him and BooPeep

But when you get a new pig that still grunts it fun fun fun.

It's lasted a few days but the grunts are just about finished now.

This the start of our deck, got to store the pallets somewhere.

Sunday 22 November 2015

Charlie's new home and baby clothes.

Charlie now lives in our driveway my son moved him in  last time he was down, poor Charlie but the beer fairy and the son are going to do him up well that's the plan anyway.
He been parked out the front for over a year now and is showing his age with a lot of dirt will have to give him a wash no one is in a hurry to hire him.
Nice empty space out the front with a outline of where he has been.
My house without a car parked out the front, lasted a couple of days mostly now a strange car comes and goes.

New frying pan, nice and shinny the old one is just worn out.
Play clothes for a new baby in the family across the ditch in NZ .
Lots of fun to make but not sure if I did it right, this baby will have footballer legs maybe grow up to be a All Black.

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Christmas is coming and a long yummy lunch.

The christmas decorations in the club are following a cool theme when we are expecting a very hot summer a bit odd but who knows.
They have cotton wool snow just above a pool full of goldfish but the fish are not affected by the frozen pretend snows.

the waterfalls are all flowing.

Barb sitting in Santas chair.

me sitting in Santas chair, I hope they give him a pillow it's a very hard chair.
Frosty is there too..

Christmas trees in abundance.

and Santa with his elves.

This one looking up to the sky maybe he would like to fly away somewhere warmer.
and this one looks like the nerd on ''The Chaser" and he is winking.
I met a blog friend can you guess which one you know I never give real; names, she is visiting from Scotland.

We had a wonderful lunch and a long chat in a small cafe in the QVB building a lovely afternoon.
Then checked out their christmas display.

Not as good a other years no colour all just lights and crystals, always like to get the stair way to nowhere in.
This the santa grove,
 he is having a rest here.
these are the sexy elves, very pretty and well made up with low cut dresses that was a bit different.

The clocks are the same but always worth a photo.
and the wonder windows.
Under the tree