Friday 29 January 2016

Twilight at Taronga.

 We are off to meet our daughter and her fellow for a concert at  Taronga Zoo at sunset.
I was trying to take the clouds they looked very grey and a bit fierce but nothing much happened, didn't notice the street art don't think much of it and wish it wasn't everywhere  you looked.
 The bridge and this huge liner in port but it left soon after and we watched it sail out to sea.

 The great white sails always grab my attention.
 It is a wonderful building, these shot were taken from the ferry on the way to the Zoo.

 More harbour foreshore, and the navy boats.
 The only part of the zoo I saw.
 And of course someone had to stick his head in, notice he chose a sheep, I'm not saying a word.

 I was trying to take a picture of the sunset, this was a dancer, she really enjoyed the whole concert.

 The stage, lots of people there all very well behaved I might add.
 It was a lovely concert a aboriginal singer and music,  folk singers and a rock band something for most people, I didn't know any of the songs but it all very well sung and opened up new music to me.
The beer fairy was happy he chatted to everyone but he always does that one thing he is, is very friendly.  

 I liked this blue light on the trees.

 This was the closing number but the blue lights didn't come out too well.

 Going back on the ferry I got this picture of Luna  park.

 Next week must get stuck into the new bathroom.
 I have all the shower stuff but now need a plumber, plenty around but boy do they know how to charge.
 Pulling things out slowly will let you know how it all goes.

Sunday 24 January 2016

My weekend and the week before.

 This Friday I went to visit my friend, and spent the night at my daughter's and her fellows place on the way home we went to IKEA for the bathroom furniture.
But that's another post as that stuff is like a jigsaw puzzle, you bring it home in a box and spend the next couple of days trying to put it all together,  anyway wish me luck with that.
This is the Goodwin Building, looks like it should be in a country town but it's only 6 klms from the centre of Sydney, a protected building, not many like this left in Sydney, all new buildings are big blocks of units, we are running out of room so all are now going up now.

 We had a few wet days lately this was about 4pm in the afternoon, big storm and so dark.
 Boo peak picked up these pictures at a garage sale, in this case they were give aways, they all fell over in the big storm .
 They were a bit unusual, he wants me to pain over them but they are much larger than I normally use but we will see, maybe.

 Large spider, these fellows are harmless and usually take in their webs in the daytime this one was a bit late, we went out for breakfast so it was early morning.
 These were lovely, but a bit too much.
 Andy had trouble with his too, this was a very big breakfast.

 This was in Surry Hills the city skyline is not very far away.
 I like that this area it's very old you may come across a old post box there is a more modern one just next door, a bit of overkill maybe.
 and trees have been here a while many twisted roots and lots of shade.
 Old homes build right on the street with little bits build over the footpath.
 and funny bits stuck on strange places.

 The other day was very hot so this little fellow just didn't move much all day
It was a good day for watching the cat.
 Me too , I read a book most of the day.
Well bye for now.

Sunday 17 January 2016

I'm not the best barber and Drummy new cage.

Derrick moved into his new home, we are still trying to build his outside home but the rain keeps coming every couple of days.
My friend barbara has lent it to me for a while till we get the outside area ready.
Kidney sat and watched for about 20 mts.
They had a bit of a chat, what would they talk about.
My garden cart is rotting away time for some repairs I think.
Drummy is always looking for snails every time you move things she is there with you just in case one is hiding.
As you can see the wheels fell off.
The beer fairy's barber is away so I attacked his head with clippers.
These are his mug shots.

For some reason it's growing a bit patchy, well they say there is only a few weeks between a good haircut and a bad. There is a black thing on the end it's interchangeable for different cuts but the beer fairy put on the one he wanted and he didn't click it in very well and it fell off and I didn't notice, well he won't have to go and get it cut for a while and it is summer most of the time.