Thursday 30 June 2016

Elections and a bit more garden.

 This week has been quite here but the rest of the world has had a few developments.
UK have split with Europe, well I guess if I had investments they would be down down down like Coles prices but I'm ok my modest sum in the bank is still the same.
We have a federal election coming up this Saturday and boy am I sick of all our pollies, every time you turn the TV on here they are telling you what they will do for you, not a lot really but they do a fair bit for themselves, but lately they are ringing me up with recorded messages and asking me who I'm voting for I just hang up now but when you are on the loo of in the shower it can get very annoying.
We have a cooling off time which  started at midnight last night, so no more vote for me adds.
I know USA and UK have elections coming up we get all the latest on the news what are they going to talk about when they are all over and the football season is over, world news would be different.

 I made this following a pattern.
I went wrong somewhere and not to crazy about knitting with cotton it keeps falling off the needles, oh well good to try new things.
 Finished this path, had to take it apart and redo, it fits a lot better now.

 The beer fairy's garlic is doing well out of Drummys reach.
 Wonderful winter sunshine but not today it's very overcast and cold thats why I'm inside.

 The supervisor, management material.
 This bit to do.
 and the other sun seat for the cats.
 No one wanted their bird cages back so I  made them into pot plant stands.

It is cute even if a bit wonky.

Saturday 25 June 2016

Just clouds and cold days.

Winter is here at last, the rain has gone, the days are lovely but the night so cold, the last of the rain clouds were very striking and they kept the warmth in for a few days.
I just had to take photos. 
Our Blue Mountains are dusted with snow and snow falling down south in the snowfields it never happens in Sydney but sometimes feels like it is not far off. 

 My little outdoor heater is nice to sit by
 And I have painted the outdoor table red to cheer up the garden lots of sun up here in the morning and protected from the cold winds
 The path is still being built like a huge jig saw puzzle.
 At night knitting for the twins.
 The jacket is my design a bit odd but very different.
 The hat I followed a pattern looks almost big enough to fit me.
The shoes are very cute.

Sunday 19 June 2016

Wet clothes wet woes

What can I say wet clothes in the dinning room, my socks drying on the table well at least they are clean, well been through the washing machine.  
But did get my second path done, does stop the boggy bit in the back yard.
The garden is loving all this rain.
me not so much.

All seeds Drummy or Pidge drop sprout, even got green shoots inside the back door  but al least the wood is dry so we can have a inside fire tonight.

Maybe get the clothes dry.
Leeroy is in her favourite spot and Kidney is in bed with the beer fairy, both sound asleep.
Not much to do in this sort of weather.
The photo is a bit blurry but I've never seen so many doves on my neighbours roof before, this was a few days ago before the rains hit.

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Winter sunshine.

Would you believe it the middle of winter, wonderful sunshine but it did bucket down most of the week before can't complain about the weather now.

Drummy pecks at your legs who knows why but she also pecks at the washing on the clothes line and talks to it, she is a very odd chicken.

Does any one know what this is and does it flower. BO Peep gave it to me he said it had a wonderful flower but he can't remember what it looks like or what it is, I've had it a couple of years and so far nothing.,
My new path, this wood is treated so can't be burnt so I've started to build paths with it

Might have enough to do this area too, usually just put bark on it but that doesn't last very long it breaks up and becomes mulch quickly.
My daughter, we all went baby shopping and to Cosco is that spelt right and Spotlight I did get some  bamboo blend wool there.
Life was not ment to be easy unless you are a cat.
I bought these home from my daughters place after a coat of paint they look a lot better one done two more to go.
The garden was very waterlogged but drying out fast.

Building a new path, there were puddles everywhere when we had our heavy rain.

The beer fairy checking out some old Playboys he found in the shed, there are many, I said you know those ladies are most likely in their 60's now, he said well the haven't aged in his mind. I think Drummy wants a look too.