Thursday, 29 August 2019

The strand arcade and The Marble Bar

This is the oldest cash regiester I think I have ever seen and very fancy it was to.
And a wooden lady I would love for my garden but maybe she wouldn't last too long in the wet .

Stairs to secret places
The strand arcade a very pretty place

We had afternoon tea in the QBE but had had a big lunch in the Strand Arcade so not to hungry so cutting the cakes in half and only had one serving, that was plenty.
I'm not sure why I took this photo .
This is The Marble Bar hard to take photos it is very dark no one there but us and a another couple I think they had just opened .
Wonderful paintings and lots of marble

This one is very a bit on the wonky side
 this is the front door and my mate taking a picture
We now have trams in the main street of downtown Sydney no cars anymore a few blokes wondering around trying to look important.
This guy was doing something,  the tramway has taken a long time to do and is well over budget, the tramway is now finished and now they are testing it for 3 months our state premier went on a ride the other day but it is not open to the public till christmas time why it requires so much testing I have no idea.
This was my ex work place  no longer a front door in the street all blocked off
And cranes in the front yard so maybe they are doing something with it as I know it was only rented when I worked there.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Winter will soon be over.

The sun shines and the days are sunny and warm for winter but come 4 o'clock it is freezing but I'm doing stuff in the garden while the heat lasts lots of the trees have died so it's clean up time.
This was dead moth vine and the bogie is shooting after the big cut back

Everything is covered with bird poo and pine needles the fairies are not happy
And Pidge and the beer fairy having a cuddle.

I've had a few fires burning off the dead leaves
I like taking pictures of the smoke
and it's warm

nice to sit and watch the flames

I done cardie's for the twins good knitting weather at night, unicorns for Clemie, and monster trucks for Wilbur..

Slowly getting the garden all tidy many dead leaves.

 Pidge has a new home he has been moving lots of twigs into the shed behind the doors stacked up across some boxes nice and warm and out of the wind but we can't shut the shed up as he comes and goes as he likes.
Here he is in his new bed.