Sunday 30 November 2014

Sunny's smile.

This is next door neighbours little girl, her parents are from the middle east so she has a name I can't spell so I just call her Sunny because of her wonderful smile she is watching Drumstick eat the last of our silverbeet.
The beer fairy was remarking about those wonderful legs in the background, time he had his eyes tested I think.  
She was trying to make friends with my cats but they are not fond of little kids so they just ran away.

But just look at that smile, she gets it from her mum.
This is a doves nest I found but they are the worlds worst nest builders, I often find broken eggs on the ground so I think they just fall out of the holes in the nest,  she was sitting on it again this morning so she will give it a go and I hope the babies make it.

A young cricketer died this week after being hit by a ball, only 25 and so well liked by everyone, so very sad.
People have been putting out there cricket bats with their hats but I have no hats but this my sons bat he had when he was a boy, very well used, this is at my garden gate.
I'm still working on the laundry floor will be finished soon, I hope.
The tree is up and twinkling, it must go in front of the fireplace as it's not going to be used for another 4 or 5 months and I  can secure the tree to the hook so it won't fall over.
We have very small christmas stockings.

And other odd bits I have collected over the years.

Merry christmas, my sign is just that bit bigger than my doorway.

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Beginning to look a bit like christmas, and still hot hot hot.

On hot days there is nothing better than a cool table to relax on.
Or  nice cool hallway but why she is laying on the mat is anyones guess, there is a nice breeze that blows down my hall when the front door is open.

But this is still the place to be on hot days for me anyway.
The heat is not affecting the vegie garden or should we say the four o'clock garden as there is lots of them growing in there.
The beer fairy says it protects the vegetables from the heat, he is not fond of weeding.

but we are getting tomatoes.
We had hot weather and thunderstorms so everything has gone a bit mad.

But what we also have are loads of mozzies this year it's not been pleasant we are all having a itchy time, I make sure I'm inside before dusk and don't venture outside at night.
The beer fairy being a smoker goes out for a smoke at anytime, but never gets bitten, these mozzies have taste they don't want blood that's full of chemicals and smells bad and to prove it the guy down the road has just given up smoking and is having a bad time with bites, he says never been a problem before.

 I have just put insect screens on my tiny side window and Mal is not happy it where she usually just comes in.
 She thinks I will open it for her but no go.
 The start of my christmas decorations, these were in a box sent over from my sons and daughters place they had Santa's on the boxes but they were broken off two of them.
 This is the only one intact.
 Family photo everyone looks normal but me, I'm the one making a silly face this time, this was a few years ago.

 Cooler today so Mals moved to the lounge.
 I was going to paint a picture every month but managed 2 and a half so far oh well there is always next year.

 Got a bit more done, not sure where to go from here.
 It must be cool we are sitting on the lounge in a box now next she will want a blanket, I've been treating her ear with prickley heat power she will not leave the creams alone but keeps licking then off so the powder works and she will leave it alone, but she gets it everywhere.
 A bit more done.
The tree goes up next week, I 'm doing it all a week early in case I get selected for a jury I been called up for jury duty and the letter said it would go for two weeks, so that's almost christmas so things might get busy.

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Fresh flowers

I remember every Saturday as a kid my sister and I picked flowers from the garden and arranged them in vases, there was fresh flowers in every room in the house, I was part of our weekly jobs we also dusted every week  and washed up every night. The flowers we liked doing the other jobs not so much.
There was always lots of flowers in our garden, my garden has many plants but not so many flowers but I do have a  roses so I get a few bunches a year.  These are always a bit wind blown looking but have a wonderful smell, they change colour as they age.
Most of my house flowers are the fake kind, but they are just not the same.


Sunday 16 November 2014

A hot sleepy week

 What do you do when the weather is hot and lazy, you watch your cats, they sleep I did too.
I read two books more than I've read in 6months and sleep a bit too.
This is Mal she has a problem with over cleaning and and fighting but this week she is happy to lay around too so her rash is looking a lot better.
 How that for a relaxed cat, I've read they only expose their belly if the feel very secure.
 I started a new painting, not got to far yet.
 I received a new paintbox from a friend for my birthday, so I was inspired.

 I did paint one coat on the bathroom ceiling, it needs another one but a bit hot at the moment.
 I hung a few bits on the wall for something a bit different.

 Oh time to roll over

 Of course the heat doesn't bother Drummy much, she finds some damp dirt digs a hole and has a nap.
 And the back yard is very cool
 All windows open
 First xmas decoration up
 We are having a council clean up this week for furniture so the cat armchair is gone out.
 Who looks a bit confused where is my scratching post going.
 It got a spot in the shade to wait for collection.
 As you can see not much left, they had lots of fun with it.

Today was cooler but still not inspired to do to much.