Friday 27 March 2015

All about the birds.

I've not been on the internet for a few days my son was down from QLD,  he found this little fellow out the front of our place the other day very quiet and a bit stiff, most likely hit by a car hope he hasn't broke anything, yesterday he just lay in he corner, no movement at all but today he is sitting up. We sat outside with him with the door open but no go he wasn't ready to leave.
This is a cat basket but it's had more birds in it, Pidge lived in it for about 2months when he first came to live with us, he had a broken wing and leg, he was found on Roberts rd by the Beer Fairy, and came home inside his shirt, he was a terrible mess now he is a very fine bird but still never flies far from home.
So I watched the doves now this is Drumstick's food bowl.
This little bloke was enjoying her food
but along came Pidge, it's not even his food but he was protecting it for Drummy.
He makes himself twice the size and tells the little bloke who is boss

It doesn't work, they ignore him and their mates come around for a feed too, we were sitting not very far away watching the drama unfold, Pidge went back to his area and sulked for the rest of the day .
He is picking up a bit but still not coming out .

This was why my son was down him and the beer fairy put up new rails on the outdoor eating area, the rail were rotting out so had to be repaired, lot of work this being a landlord.

The dogs were inside they are so licky, not very old still pups really.
This morning we left the cage outside again with the door open and the little fellow was out the door in 5 minutes.
Of course the wild bird who stayed with us for a couple of days was named Mr or Mrs Larry Keats.   By the time son was ready to go home the little fellow was well enough  to go home too.
We released him early in the morning yesterday and he was off like a shot, flying ok and his mates were in trees nearby so he will be ok.

Monday 23 March 2015

Getting ready for autumn, all sleepy.

This is a sleepy sleepy Leeroy she keeping a eye out to see if anyone is looking at the house next door, the people who were renting it moved out yesterday.
Drummy is showing her new tail area, she has no tail yet but lots of new soft feathers much better than a nude bum, you know we would look much better with feathers.
Kidney is sleepy too the weather is cooling off and all my little animal friends are adjusting to sleeping more.
This poor thing just rotted away, I stopped watering it a while back but nothing helped.
My pumpkins and chillies

Only one flower left.
But the moth vine is flowering, nothing kills this but it does look pretty when flowering.
Aren't these things supposed to grow on the ground mine are all up trees or on fences.
I've cleaned up our sitting area but we still need the areoguard and his lordships buts tray.

I've been sweeping all morning, so many leaves, we had lots of wind last night all tidy now for a day or two.  

Drummy keeps getting in the photos now her feathers are growing back she want's her picture taken when she was patchy she hid when I had the camera.

She is very pretty and back to chatting whenever she sees us, I missed her friendly talks.

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Doctor's week, walking 2 trips there and back.

 This week was busy, last week I was surposed to go on jury duty but my back was playing up so I rang to say I was not well and was told I needed a doctor's cert so that's a trip to the doctors, it makes you wonder they are prepared for you to sit on a jury and make a judgement if someone is telling the truth or not but they don't think you are truthful and need it to be confirmed by a doctor.
My doctor said I was overdue for some tests so I been catching up this week best to get it all done at once.
It's a bit of a walk to my doctors so I took along the camera and took some pictures.
The first one is a great asian garden but the next door neighbours were sitting outside having coffee watching the passing parade so I could only get in a few hurried shots plus we are coming into winter so this garden is not at it's best.
 But they do have dragon fruit growing on a platform, it's in fruit but well out of reach maybe they have lost the fruit in the past, they are really nice, I'm very fond of them.

 This place has had a car hit the fence, I think most likely waiting on a insurance claim.
 Who knows what happened here, maybe this is the car that hit the fence down the road, but this mini was not here when I last came up this way and the garden a lot tidier.

We have a Islander Church but don't know which one, very colourful when people are attending lots of bright clothing and sunny smiles.
 The catholic school doesn't make you feel very welcoming.

 But the state school which is across the road  is a different story they don't shut the gates or have go away signs but you must go past the reception area so they are still being sensible.
 There is a Catholic church is close by.
 I fond of this fence and entrance.

 And this is the tiny house.
 Just down the road from this grand one.
 but this is the size I like now, the big ones just mean too much cleaning.

But I do like a few big gums they smell great, especially after rain and keep things cool.  

 and flowers poking through a fence
 This is the new corner house all finished now and the family has moved in a few months ago but still no garden to speak of a few roses that's all.
 next door moved out yesterday, it's a tiny detatched two bedroom and now there is to be a new family member soon it's just too small.

 The owner came to visit a few weeks back and she said she was moving back but the for rent sign went up so it doesn't look like it, we will wait and see.

 Home sweet home.
Oh hi you are home are you, pardon me but I having a nice sleep.