Friday 26 August 2016

What's a good radio station because I'm having trouble finding one and last week..

I have just turned the radio on and some how the station was moved and I'm on The Kyle and Jacki-O show maybe I'm too old for radio today but these two are beyond belief, the news was on so I left it there, they stuck a ad in the news never come across that before then Kyle was telling everyone about all the stuff he had stolen from hotel rooms in his life the same as Kim K he stated, why are these two not arrested and locked up for thief or do hotels just add more to their bills to cover costs makes sense to do so. Then there was a interview with Jason someone who was a singer in USA, he is 26 and done well in this field the questions were about his sex life what car he was driving not much about his music career but they did play one of his songs."Touch the sky'' it was called not bad a few swear words thrown in but that is common these days. there was a delay between the questions and the answers I know it was a overseas interview but I got the feeling he was being a bit cagy about his answers, in all honesty if someone had asked me some of those questions I would just tell them to bugger off.      
This is my shed not much floor now but with luck the floor will be back in a few months, the son and daughter in law have moved all their stuff out of the house they sold but not moved it to QLD so it's in my shed for the time being.

Their back yard and the Beer Fairy looking confused.
They have a lot of paint.
The shed was pretty full of left over building supplies
but the house is now completely empty

I always liked their entrance gate
and these stickers didn't come off but they are cute, the beer fairy really likes this mirror bet you cant't guess what it is made of.
We all got together for a meal and I caught a train there as they had hired a van with only 3 seats and the beer fairy caught the train home.
Interesting trip I encountered a steam train at Straithfield Station not seen one in years in Sydney, love the sound and sight of these trains the smell not so much, the driver blew his whistle a lot and everyone took photos.

Me at dinner as you can see it's cold. I can't turn these photos., so you get a sideways view.

Thursday 18 August 2016

Reflections bubbles and maybe a rats nest.

 This was in the shed I was to use it in the bathroom but forgot it was there and it didn't fit the cupboard, I liked the reflections so spent some time taking photos.
 This is just lacy trees.
 You know who had check it out
 They say curiosity killed the cat but no one mentioned the chicken.
 The Beer Fairy has been playing with this rabbit he blows bubbles changes colour, we found it in the shed when cleaning up.
 You can just see the bubbles if you look closely.

 I bought bulbs in Aldi today Tiger Lillys and Lilly of the valley.

 Even the duck is checking it out  and he is cement,

 Look at all this room bet you it doesn't last long.
There was a lot of plastic and paper all ripped up and made into a nest of sorts under this box maybe mice or maybe rats, the Beer Fairy cleaned it up before I got a picture but no one was home and the cats had caught mice in the back yard near the shed so maybe they were all captured.  

Monday 15 August 2016

My Weekend

A warm clear day nothing better than watching someone else work, this is Hester's lumberjack up a tree and cutting off branches for my daughter he popped around after work to work on her trees.  
This is a white cedar, it didn't look strong enough to hold him but all went well.

This was another great tool a saw with a extendable handle he made it look easy bet it's not.
One little pidge on the railway station,  he did well out of me he ended up with a quarter of my lunch after we were finished his mates turned up they were just to late.
Called in to see my friend and her mum
The next day was Sunday and the two from Qld will be here in a few days.
 Time to clean up the shed, the son and daughter in law would like to store some things in the shed so a bit of a clean and sort out will help find some room.
This is a place I try hard to avoid as much as possible.
 It sure is a mess better from a distance.
 Two hours in and I see the floor.
All my sons stuff he can sort it out when he gets here.

Thursday 11 August 2016

Getting ready for spring

 I've been doing some spring cleaning, my son and daughter in law are in travelling in Alaska and so is my niece and her hubby popular place at this time of the year, Bo Peep is in New Zealand and the Beer Fairy is sound asleep in bed along with all the cats, just me and drummy up and about, but it is cold but with a touch of spring in the air.
 I've been washing spare blankets and putting away the warm sheets, in hope spring will soon be here.

 but still have blankets on the lounges for wrapping up in on cool nights.

 Still haven't done my floor yet, that was the beer fairy's job but he is hard to motivate in cold weather come to think of it pretty hard in warmer weather too.

 Painted my rocking chair and washed the covers well the top half, got to repaint the bottom half when Leeroy gets off it.

 Bush orchards are flowering well
 A few daffodils
 My paving is just about finished, not bad, we sure cut a lot of wood lucky my son left his drop saw here.
It solved a problem we had with mud and used all the treated pine the guy down the road gave us for our fireplace but it's not wise to burn inside he had some more but I've run out of places to put it.
Jut some sand over the top to fill in any gaps then all done .

 The wood is greying nicely with all the rain we have had.
 Maybe I should build a seat around the tree.
 maybe not

 the next project, get the pond working but it needs to be warmer.
Replanted my red chilly it looks very sad but so do all the one in our neighbourhood at the moment we have fruit on it so we see how it goes.
My computer is working ok now.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,